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Romance Zero (하자 전담반 제로 -2009)

Romance Zero Pictures, Images and Photos
Lee Tae-sung as Kim Woo Jin
Kang-in as Na Ho Tae
Lee Da-in as Jo Mi Na
Kim Hee-won as Jang Yeo Sa
Jay Kim as Kim Doo Hyun
Lee Kyung-eun as Oh Soo Jung
Yang Bae-chu as Jung Do Ryung

Kim Woo Jin (Lee Tae Sung) is a manager in charge of a group working at a matchmaking company, all of whom have failed individually to matchmake a couple. While they help others find romance as a team, they themselves have a hard time finding one true love. Each episode carries a different love story involving their customers.

Okay, I wasn't expecting an A+ drama of any kind, but I was pleasantly surprised. Still not an A+ drama but it was well worth your time. It was sweet and romantic and had some unimaginable situations that you would roll your eyes to but in the end would instead be wiping your eyes.

I really wish they had extended this out more episodes and had worked on the casts own personal love situations. I think they held off too much on the love quadrangle with Woo Jin, Ho Tae, Mi Na, and Soo Jung. The ending was rushed but at least it was respectable and happy. I guess enough to leave everything to my imagination, I guess. *I really wanted to see more of Mi Na and Woo Jin's blossoming romance.....ughhhh.*

A feasible, impressive time waster. Jay Kim was wonderful as the devilish Doo Hyun. Actually he was perfect. Maybe it was his eyebrows but he had that naughty look about him that left you knowing he was up to no good. LOL! *I miss the TRAX....need more!!*

Lee Tae Seong

Jay Kim
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Kang In
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