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Lovers (연인 -2006)

Kim Jung Eun as Yoon Mi Joo
Lee Seo Jin as Ha Kang Jae
Kim Kyu Ri as Park Yu Jin
Jung Chan as Kang Sae Yeon
Extended Cast
Lee Han as Tae San (Kang Jae's left-hand man)
Yun Mi Joo as Choi Yoon (Sae Yeon's secretary)
Lee Ki Young as Uhm Sang Taek (Kang Jae's right-hand man)
Park In Hwan as Reverend Yoon Mok Sa (Mi Joo's dad)
Choi Ha Na as Hong Soon Jung (Mi Joo's roommate)
Yoo Jung Hyun as Seol Won Chul (Mi Joo's hospital boss)
Choi Il Hwa as Kang Choong Shik (Mr. Kang)
Yang Geum Suk as Jung Yang Geum (Mr. Kang's wife/Sae Yeon's mom)
Kim Roe Ha (김뢰하) as Nam Chang Bae (gangster)
Jang Hang Sun
Kim Ki Bang

Kang Jae is a wealthy businessman and gangster and Mi Joo is a plastic surgeon. These two meet after Mi Joo mistakens Kang Jae as being her sleazy brother-in-law. Kang Jae just happens to be the boyfriend of Mi Joo's pregnant neighbor, Yoo Jin. Sae-yeon meets Mi-Joo and falls in love with her feisty attitude. Kang-Jae works for the father of Sae-Yeon who is a gangster. Mi-Joo and Kang-Jae fall in love.

I have now officially found another favorite Korean drama. This one didn't disappoint me at all. This was wonderful. This will be placed in my top 5 list, for sure. *How many do I have in my top 5 list?*

I don't even know how to explain how awesome this show is. You just have to see it to believe it. It had just enough comedy to keep you from being bored. Yes. there might have been a few slow parts but the freakin' comedy from Kim Jeong Eun was amazing. She was a hoot and a half. Lee Seo Jin was hotness to the highest power. Geez, the story was just full of martial arts action. So in a nutshell......action, comedy, romance, drama....everything you could ever want. Lee Han was cute as the left-hand man to Kang-jae. His indifference to Mi-joo's friend and roommate was just too good.

This is a definite must see. PLEASE! See it. God, I just want to watch it again. Right now. It was that good!

Bara no nai Hanaya (薔薇のない花屋 -2008)

Bara no nai Hanaya
Katori Shingo as Shiomi Eiji
Takeuchi Yuko as Shirato Mio
Shaku Yumiko as Ono Yuki
Matsuda Shota as Kudo Naoya
Motokariya Yuika as Shizuku's mother
Bito Isao as Hirakawa Tatsumi
Terajima Susumu as Shijo Kengo
Ikeuchi Junko as Hishida Keiko
Miura Tomokazu as Anzai Teruo
Yagi Yuki as Shiomi Shizuku
Imai Yuki as Hirota Shogo
Supporting Cast
Aoki Shinsuke (ep1)
Funaki Sachi (舟木幸) (ep1)
Nishiyama Sosuke (ep1)
Sekiya Kento (関谷賢斗) (ep1)
Chijiwa Yoshiyuki (千々和義之) (ep1)
Hanako (はなこ) (ep1,4)
Isono Arisa (磯野光沙) (ep1)
Kawanishi Mizuki (河西泉妃) (ep1)
Matsumoto Hinano (松本妃奈乃) (ep1)
Morimoto Seina (森本聖菜) (ep1)
Abe Ayuha (阿部歩羽) (ep1)
Tada Hikaru (多田煌琉) (ep1)
Kyo Nobuo (ep2)
Minami Yoshiko (南風佳子) (ep2)
Abe Minami (阿部未菜美) (ep2,4,7,10-11)
Ebisawa Kanna (海老沢神菜) (ep2,4,6,10-11)
Ueyama Naomi (上山奈織美) (ep2,4,10-11)
Yonezawa Shiori (米澤史織) (ep2)
Mihara Iona (三原伊織奈) (ep2)
Kawakura Keizo (川倉けいぞう) (ep2)
Yasuoka Nao (安岡直) (ep2)
Kawachi Namie (河内浪江) (ep2)
Yoneda Takuya (米田拓也) (ep2)
Minami Yoshihiro (南好洋) (ep2)
Urushibata Takeyuki (漆畑武征) (ep2)
Mizusawa Shun (水沢駿) (ep2)
Amano Hiroyuki (ep3-4)
Kubota Maki (ep3)
Izumi Takaomi (和泉貴臣) (ep3)
Watanaka Yuzo (渡仲裕蔵) (ep3)
Ninomiya Satoshi (二宮聡) (ep3)
Nishina Akiko (仁科亜季子) as Anzai Kumiko (ep4,8)
Sakamoto Makoto (ep4)
Takaku Chigusa (高久ちぐさ) (ep4)
Mitsunobu (光宣) (ep4)
Yamanashi Hana (山梨ハナ) (ep4-6)
Dangan Jacky (弾丸ジャッキー) (ep4)
Koichi Mantaro as Hayashi Hisanori (ep6-8)
Sueno Takuma (末野卓磨) (ep7)
Tomioka Masafumi (富岡真史) (ep7)
Izutsu Taichi (井筒太一) (ep7)
Tamayama Tetsuji as Kamiyama Shun (ep8-11)
Nakane Toru as Soma Fuyuhiko (ep9,11)
Maeda Ken (前田健) (ep9)
Matsuda Saki (松田沙紀) (ep9)
Shimazaki Nobuo (嶋崎伸夫) (ep9)
Yoshino Yoshiko (よしのよしこ) (ep9)
Goshu (剛州) (ep10)
Nishikawa Yoshiro (西川洋禄) (ep10-11)

Shiomi Eiji is forced to become a single father when his girlfriend passes away while giving birth to their daughter, Shizuku. Desolate after the loss of the woman he loved, Eiji has little time or desire to even consider remarrying, working part-time jobs just to make ends meet. The one thing that gives meaning and joy to his life is Shizuku, but even that begins to trouble him when Shizuku begins acting strange, hiding her face by putting a cloth over her head when around other people.

One day after opening his flower shop, Eiji comes across a blind woman standing by the door, taking shelter from the rain. When he invites her to come inside the shop, she at first refuses, but later gives in to Eiji's kindness. They become intimate friends and she slowly grows to depend on Eiji's sincerity and goodheartedness. After rescuing her a following evening when she walks into the street and is nearly struck by traffic, Eiji himself inexplicably discovers the cold of winter that has saddled his heart all these years slowly melting away...

This was an absolutely, wonderful, exciting, suspensful, fulfilling drama. OMG! Totally loved this. Okay, let's not forget that Shota-kun and my favorite actor of all-time Tetsuji-kun were in it. Some serious eye-candy for me. No joke.

Why, oh why, is my Tetsuji-kun always a bad guy? He sort of redeemed himself at the end but yet......I just wanted to jump through the screen and plant a wet-juicy one on him.

This story was a serious tear jerker with a happy ending. I won't you all who have read my blog know....I'm a big wuss. LOL!

There were a few parts that were slow but the show never lost its quality. Shota-kun was awesome as the young, immature Baka! I wasn't sure how they could redeem him from his orneryness at the beginning. But, his story came out well in the end. Ahhh.....KOI.

All the characters were well played. I loved them all. Really a truly touching, loving story.

Matsuda Shota

Super Rookie (신입사원 / Shin-ip Sa-won -2005)

super rookie Pictures, Images and Photos
Eric as Kang Ho
Han Ga In as Lee Mi-ok
Oh Ji Ho as Park Bong-sam
Lee So Yeon as Suh Hyun-ah
Extended Cast
Jung Jin as Joo Sung-tae (Kang Ho's friend)
Park Chil Yong as Kang Chul (Kang Ho's dad)
Park Hye Sook as Gong Hye-ja (Kang Ho's mom)
Suh Dong Won as Kang Min (Kang Ho's younger brother)
Kwon Ki Sun as Madam Kwon
Yang Hee Kyung as Madam Yang
Kim Young Min as Lee Il-man (Bong-sam's dad)
Kim Se Joon as Chief Moon Young-ho
Lee Ki Young as Chief Goo Bon-chul
Kim Il Woo as Director Song
Lee Ki Yeol as Director Kim Ki-yeol
Kaekeumaen Kim Sook as Agent Na Aeri
Yoo Da Young as Oh Young-ran
Lee Seung Chul as Chairman Maruyama
Suh Bum Sik as Miyazaki
Kim Hun Goo as Yakuza
Jung Joon Ha as Kochi
Kim Sook as Sook-hee

Super Rookie (신입사원: rookie employee) is an intelligent comedy which gives hope and courage to young people going through difficult times.
Super Rookie - Eric Pictures, Images and Photos
It is a story of a young man (Kang Ho) who gets a job in a prestigious company due to a computer error. He doesn't have a great family or educational background and is regarded as a slacker in the traditional terms. Worst yet, he seems to spend his life devoted to reading comic books, playing cards, kick boxing, and the like. However he is spirited, street smart, athletic, loyal, and charismatic - especially with the ladies. The drama reveals how he gets his new job, his work-life, and the love and passions in his life in a very interesting way. He never gets discouraged despite all of life’s difficulties. Kang Ho’s high spirits and Mi-ok’s efforts to improve her life give today’s younger generation a chance to look at their own lives and ponder what’s truly valuable.
super rookie!!! Pictures, Images and Photos

Source: MBC Global Media

Okay, I loved AND hated this show. This really started out with promise. I was hooked until episode 15 and then got so damn bored that I stopped watching it. So I can't give you my opinion about the end but if it's anywhere near what I went through at episode 15. It was boring as hell.

Where were they going with this story? Was this supposed to be a romance? If it failed miserably. She, Mi-ok, couldn't seem to figure out who she really loved. I was going for Eric's character. But both mail leads were pretty damn either or would have been fine. But this wishy-washy storyline was absolute torture.

The only fine point out of this story......Kang-ho's brother. He was absolutely perfect in every freakin' way. I laughed uncontrollably when it came to him and his interactions with Kang-ho. Oh, it was freakin' funny! I so loved him. They should have had the show revolve around him. I'd have probably stuck it till the end.

Okay, I have heard about the ending. Sounds cute but yet I can't bring myself to torture for another 5 episodes. Sorry.

Oh Ji Ho
Oh Ji Ho Pictures, Images and PhotosOh Ji Ho Pictures, Images and PhotosOh Ji-ho, korean, brunette, long hair, skin, arms Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baby and Me (Ahgiwa Na / 아기와 나 -2008)

Baby and Me
Geun-seok Jang - Joon-soo
Byeol Kim - Byeol Kim
Mason Mun - Woo-ram Han (baby)
Supporting Cast
Myeong-su Park - voice of Woo-ram
Jeong-nan Kim - Ms. Cho (Joon-soo's Teacher)
Byeong-ok Kim - Joon-soo's father
Hyeon-suk Park - Joon-soo's mother
Gyu-su Jeong - Byeol's father
Jeong-hee Jang - Byeol's mother
Jae-han Choi - Jun-seong
Se-hong Jeon
Kwang-rok Oh - older man trying to abandon his baby
Mun-shik Lee - Subway attendant (standing by locker)

Joon-soo is the kingpin of the Myungsung High School and an all around troublemaker who makes his parents even leave home in desperation. While shopping for a party at his now-empty home, he discovers a baby sitting in his shopping cart, with a name tag "Han Wooram" which points to Joon-soo as his father ...

Hmmm? This movie started off really cute and funny but it lost something near the end. I'm not saying this is a bad movie not at all. It was quite good but the ending just didn't satisfy me.

Was there supposed to be a romance going on between Joon-su and the girl? I really didn't see where she was supposed to be in the story except as his personal babysitter. That was just a waste of talent. Yeah, definitely. I was really hoping more from them both in that aspect.

I will admit I liked the twist at the end when we find out who the "real" father was. Wasn't really expecting that. That was really good how they through that in there.

Anyway, I was hoping for more out the ending but it was cute and sweet anyway. I cried a bit. Okay? There.

Jang Geun Seok
Jang geun suk Pictures, Images and PhotosJang Geun Seok Pictures, Images and PhotosJang Geun Seok Pictures, Images and Photos
Lucky me! I share the exact same birthday as Geun-seok! Well, not exactly....different years. I won't say the age difference. *bummer*

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Name is Kim Sam-Soon (내 이름은 김삼순 / Nae I-reum-eun Kim Sam-soon -2005)

My Lovely Kim Sam Soon Pictures, Images and Photos
Kim Sun Ah as Kim Sam-soon
Hyun Bin as Hyun Jin-heon
Jung Ryu Won as Yoo Hee-jin
Daniel Henney as Dr. Henry Kim
Extended Cast
Kim Ja Ok as Park Bong-sook (Sam-soon's mom)
Lee Ah Hyun as Kim Yi-young (Sam-soon's sister)
Na Moon Hee as Na Hyun-sook (Jin-heon's mom)
Suh Ji Hee as Hyun Mi-joo (Jin-heon's niece)
Yoon Ye Hee as Yoon Hyun-sook
Lee Kyu Han as Min Hyun-woo
Lee Yoon Mi as Jang Chae-ri
Yeo Woon Kye as Ms. Oh
Kwon Hae Hyo as Lee Hyun Moo (chef)
Han Yeo Woon as Lee In-hye
Kim Hyun Jung as Jang Young-ja

Kim Sam Soon (Kim Sun Ah) is a baker who has a talent in making pastries and cakes. On Christmas Eve, she caught her boyfriend, Min Hyun Woo (Lee Kyu Han), cheating on her and breaks up on the same night. On that same night, she accidentally went into the men's restroom and met Hyun Jin Hun (Hyun Bin), a somewhat callous fellow but sometimes considerate guy. By sheer coincidence, Jin Hun needs a baker for his restaurant Bon Appetit and Sam Soon is unemployed. Sam Soon is hired as the restaurant's chief baker and the two fights like cat and dog. Nevertheless, they started to have feeling for each other and Sam Soon agreed to post as Jin Hun's girlfriend so his mother would leave him alone. Things got complicated when Jin Hun's ex-girlfriend Yoo Hee Jin came back from the States intending to win him back.

Episode-by-episode synopses can be found here.
ending of kim sam soon Pictures, Images and Photos
This is an all time favorite of mine. So insanely funny. Kim Sun-ah is the master of comedy. This is my upteenth time to watch this. And for some reason this last time I watched it......Hyun Bin was more attractive than ever. And I will say this......I think he is now on my most favorite list. Why? Maybe I missed something. Or maybe after seeing my "who knows how many" dramas, I've matured in that aspect. Dunno. *shrugs*

If there is any Korean drama to start with, next to Full House, this is the one. You can't go wrong with this one at all. So much hilarity, sense, originality (one of the few that started the gourmet/cooking genre) and real love.

Ohhhh, those kissable Hyun Bin lips. Yep, definitely on my favorite list.

Another reason I really liked this one. The love triangle/quadrangle wasn't intense. The relationships were respectable and real like. A few twists but that was okay.

The best part out of the whole series........watching Kim Sun-ah have English conversations with Daniel Henney. OMG! The most hilarious sh** that I have ever watched. Insane funny.

Hyun Bin

hyun bin Pictures, Images and Photoshyun bin Pictures, Images and PhotosHyun bin 4 Pictures, Images and Photos

Daniel Henney
daniel henney Pictures, Images and Photosdaniel henney Pictures, Images and Photosdaniel henney Pictures, Images and Photos

Marmalade Boy (橘子醬男孩 / Ju Zi Jiang Nan Hai -2002)

Marmalade Boy
Stella Huang as Guang Xi
Ken Zhu as Yuu
Zeng Guo Cheng as Ren
Guo Ching Chun as Liu Mei
Zhang Zhi Wei as Yao Shi
Er Shu Ru as Qianlizi
Gina Lin as Mingzi
Gao Hao Jun as Yin Tai
Ling Li Fei as Yalishi
Wu Zhong Tian as Xiao Ming
Joyce Ni
Kimi Hsia

Xiao Shi Chuan Guang Xi finds her life turned upside down, when her parents return from a trip to Hawaii only to tell her that they are getting a divorce. They explain that while they were there that they had met another couple, the Song Pu family, fallen in love, and now decided that each couple would breakup and switch partners. Guang Xi is understandably upset. The whole situation makes no sense to her, and she doesn’t want to see her family broken apart. But if that wasn’t crazy enough, her parents tell her, so that she will not miss having both parents around her, that they, along with the other couple and their son You, would be moving together into a big house making them one big happy family. Needless to say, Guang Xi is not happy about the situation at all, though she does find You to be attractive, a fact that doesn’t escape the notice of her jealous friend, Yin Tai, who has liked her for years, or of Yalishi, You’s ex-girlfriend……
Based off of the acclaimed manga Marmalade Boy by Wataru Yoshizumi

Another one of my previous mistakes in thinking this was a waste of my time. The first episode, I admit, threw me. It was stupid!!!! That's why I've skipped this so many freakin' times. I've been so bored recently waiting for all my newer dramas to be updated that I'm rehashing old dramas and reconsidering some. This one being one of them.

Besides the first episode being stupid, from that point was really good. Really! Better than what I expected. I liked it so much that I actually hooked up the manga to read.

Surprisingly, as I've told many (I should listen to my own advice....shouldn't I?) that to watch atleast the first two apisodes before making a final decision. This one I didn't and blew off for soooooooo long. *ashamed*

The acting wasn't great but the story itself kept me interested. Original storyling for sure. Definitely worth watching...even if its for Ken Zhu.

Ken Zhu
ken zhu Pictures, Images and PhotosKen Zhu Pictures, Images and Photos

Battery (バッテリー -2008)

Nakayama Yuma as Harada Takumi
Takada Sho as Nagakura Go
Morimoto Shintaro as Harada Seiha
Saito Yuki
Horibe Keisuke
Miyazaki Karen (宮崎香蓮)
Nagashima Shugo as Sawaguchi Fumito
Matsukawa Naruki
Kim Ji Sun (김지순, ちすん)
Nakao Mie (中尾ミエ)
Ishibashi Renji
Kajiwara Hikari (梶原ひかり)
Chihara Koji

A story about a teenage pitcher and catcher who develop a firm friendship through their battery. Harada Takumi, an aloof junior high school boy who has a great arm, meets Nagakura Go, who can catch Takumi's fastball. Together, they build up a trusting relationship among the teammates. --NHK

Another story about baseball. Hmm? I guess the twist on this story was about the relationship between pitcher and catcher. I will say that this story, out of all the baseball stories so far, touched me the most. Why? I used to be a member of a battery. I was a catcher. If you don't understand or trust "your other half", then there is no battery. As I catcher, I believed in my pitcher and I believe she trusted me.

So this story really delved into my heart. Then almost every episode I had to look back to my high school years and remember................

There wasn't any overly dramatic scenes or exceptional performances. This wouldn't get an Oscar or Emmy (in the Japanese equivalent). But for some reason, I will download this and keep. It really touched me here.......<3

Nakayama Yuma
Nakayama Yuma
Cute kid!!!

The Four (少年四大名捕 / Siu Neen Sei Daai Ming Bo / Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu -2008)

The Four
Raymond Lam as Sing Ngai Yue / Mou Ching 成崖餘 / 無情
Kenneth Ma as Tit Yau Ha / Tit Sau 鐵游夏 / 鐵手
Sammul Chan as Chui Leuk Seung / Jui Ming 崔略商 / 追命
Ron Ng as Lang Ling Hay / Lang Huet 冷凌棄 / 冷血
Dominic Lam as Chu Kot Ching Ngo 諸葛正我
Kate Tsui as Song Tze Yeen 桑芷妍
Selena Li as Lam Yeut Fei 藍若飛
Supporting Cast
Crystal Tin as Kuk Yin Hung 曲嫣紅
Lau Kong as Choi King 蔡京
Gordon Liu as Lam Po Tin 藍破天
Felix Lok as Ling Lok Sek 凌落石
Joel Chan as Ling Siu Kwat 凌小骨
Cilla Kung (龔茜彤) as Ling Siu Do 凌小刀
Law Lok Lam as Tit Fu 鐵斧 (Tit Sau's father)
Vivi Lee (李美慧) as Tit Yau Dung 鐵游冬 (Tit Sau's younger sister)
Halina Tam as Lau Piu Seut 柳飘雪
Ram Tseung as Sue Mo Hei 舒無戲
Savio Tsang as Chiu Cheung 趙昌
Eric Li as Choi To 蔡絛
Suet Nei as Yeung Dai Ma 羊大媽 (Jui Ming's adoptive mother)
Chun Wong as Chu Yi Ba 朱二爸 (Jui Ming's adoptive father)
Sin Kin Ying (冼灝英) as Ngau Sam Ba 牛三爸 (Jui Ming's adoptive father)
Lam King Kong (林敬剛) as Sing Ding Tin 成鼎天
Jimmy Au (歐瑞偉) as Fok Ching 霍正 (Tit Sau's older brother)
Wong Wai Leung (王偉樑) as Wai King To 韋驚濤 (ep1-3)
Casper Chan as Kong Siu Tau 江小透 (ep3-4)
Ricky Wong (cameo, ep4)
Lee Feng (李楓) as Lang Yue Seung 冷如霜 (Lang Huet's aunt, ep7-8)
Ng Wai Shan (伍慧珊) as Yau Fan 柔芬 (ep8)
Pierre Ngo as Hung King 洪勁 (ep11-12)
Russell Cheung (張智軒)
Amy Ng (吳幸美) as Siu Dip 小蝶 (cameo, ep12)
Oscar Leung (cameo, ep13)

Based on the novel by Wen Rui An, the drama is centered around four extremely skilled assassins/detectives who are hired by the Chinese Emperor to arrest and execute any criminals roaming through the country.

This series was insanely addictive. Okay, and this was my very first HK drama that I watched. I'm not big on Chinese films. I think I have mentioned this before but for some reason the synopsis of the story had me intrigued. Guess what? I fell in love with this. Totally and awesome show. It never slowed down at all, so each episode had me enthralled from beginning to end. never strayed from its story. The entire thing never stopped at scenes and mulled about. This actually got to the gist of the story and stuck with it. Finally, a refreshing story that held me totally captive.

Raymond Lam, next to Nicholas Tse, is probably now one of my favorite Chinese actors. Wow! He was just so pretty. Whew! I really want to see more from this guy. And to answer some of those questions......yes, I've already been searching for more from him. Hehehe!

Now to the downer....the ending threw me for a loop. What the.....??? The love twist really, truly pissed me off. Why oh why???

Raymond Lam
raymond lam Pictures, Images and Photos&#19987;&#35775;&#22871;&#29031;5 Pictures, Images and PhotosRaymond Lam Pictures, Images and Photos

Jikou Keisatsu ( 時効警察 -2006-2007)

Jikou Keisatsu

Odagiri Joe as Kiriyama Shuichiro
Aso Kumiko as Mikazuki Shizuka
Toyohara Kosuke as Jumonji Hayate
Fuse Eri as Matarai
Mitsuishi Ken as Morosawa
Eguchi Noriko as Saneie
Iwamatsu Ryo as Kumamoto
Hida Yasuhito as Hachisuka
Azuma Chizuru (ep1)
Takada Seiko (高田聖子) (ep1)
Ikewaki Chizuru (ep2)
Shioyama Misako (塩山みさこ) (ep2)
Tanaka Yoji (ep2)
Katagiri Hairi (ep2)
Onishi Takeshi (大西武志) (ep3)
Tanaka Tetsushi (ep3)
Ogawa Tamaki (ep3)
Nagasaku Hiromi (ep4)
Hirota Reona (ep4)
Okina Megumi (ep5)
Azuma Mikihisa (ep5)
Nogi Ryosuke (ep5)
Iizawa Momo (ep5)
Yoshitaka Yuriko (ep6)
Moriguchi Yoko (ep6)
Hazuki Riona (ep7)
Matsui Ryoko (松井涼子) (ep7)
Moro Morooka (ep7)
Tayama Ryosei (ep7)
Noguchi Kaoru (ep7)
Sakurai Atsuko (ep8)
Maki Yoko (ep8)
Hirokawa Mitsunori (廣川三憲) (ep8)
Ayata Toshiki (綾田俊樹) (ep8)
Nomaguchi Toru (ep8)
Inuyama Inuko (ep8)
Negishi Toshie (ep8)
ROLLY (ep9)
Ryo (ep9)
Tsugumi (ep9)
Sasano Takashi (ep9)
Muramatsu Toshifumi (ep9)

Kiriyama Shuichiro works as an information management officer in the prefectural police station. As he is very observant and has interest in the unresolved cases which have gone past the legal time frame (statute of limitations) i.e. the culprit cannot be charged even if he/she is caught, he investigates the cases without permission with the aim of "confirming" the culprit only. Some charateristics of this character would be his dark green spectacles, his wallet containing 20,000 yen at all times and he likes udon and nyuumen.

This drama was sort of a disappointment. Don't get me wrong. As usual, Joe-kun rocked my world. This man is a talent beyond anyones imagination. Why isn't he world reknowned? Dunno.

Anyway, the disappointment stems from the fact that both seasons of episodes were sickeningly repetitive. Then there is the fact that they hint to a "romance" and then the second season just blew it off like a north winter wind. What the.....?

This had a good start and then it fell apart as the series continued and I got bored as hell. I watched in angst just hoping that since the story was repetitive they would heat up the romance....but that failed me too.

There is only so much that Joe-kun can do. What a waste of perfectly superb acting skills that got flustered in this weak drama. *sigh*

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

With Love (1998)

With Love
Takenouchi Yutaka as Hasegawa Takashi
Tanaka Misato as Murakami Amane
Oikawa Mitsuhiro asYoshida Haruhiko
Fujiwara Norika as Imai Kaori
Asada Miyoko
Kawaoka Daijiro as Kinoshita Kentaro
Hara Chiaki
Hara Sachie as Midori
Shibuya Kotono
Shirai Akira
Sato Hiroyuki
Sada Marie
Kitamura Soichiro
Fukazawa Kuniyuki
Hiraga Masaomi (ep8)

It all started when Takashi (Takenouchi), a talented composer who could not write a love song ever since his girlfriend Rina left him suddenly, accidentally sent an uncompleted piece of his latest work to Amane (Tanaka) via email. Deeply touched by his music, Amane wrote back to him, without getting a reply. Amane continued writing to him, pouring out her thoughts. Only when she signed as "Teru Teru Bozu", did Takashi responded with a mail saying "WHO ARE YOU?", because what Rina left him as a farewell gift was a teru teru bozu!

How do I go on about this drama? This one is it! This is my #1 favorite Asian drama, as of right now!

This drama had so much going on. It had a mix of the Korean dramas Soulmate and Who Are You? in it. Geez-a-lou! I watched the final episode last night and I'm still reeling from it all. I cried. Damn, did I cry.

This is one freaking beautiful story that touched me on so many levels that it's not even funny.

Can you find true love on the internet? Do you believe in destiny or fate? Could your true love be closer than you think? I'm tellin' you people this was one helluva a story. And, I'm officially declaring that Takenouchi Yutaka as my favorite actor of all time. Why in the hell have I put him off so much?

I thought he was great in Tomorrow and thought I would hit some of his dramas ya go. I found my ultimate favorite.

This whole drama put love in perspective. That sex isn't everything its cracked up to be. COMMUNICATION is the keyword here people!!!!

I'm so in love!!!

Takenouchi Yutaka
Takenouchi Yutaka

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Love Marriage (연애결혼 / Yeonae Kyeolhon -2008)

Love Marriage

Kim Min Hee as Lee Kang Hyun
Kim Ji Hoon as Park Hyun Soo
Yoon Se Ah as Seo Hwa Young
Park Ki Woong as Yin Kyung Hwan
Extended Cast
Hwang Bo Ra as Kim Soon Young
Ok Ji Young as Yoon Hi Song
Kim Bo Yun as (Kang Hyun's mother)
Lee Young Ha as (Kang Hyun's father)
Park Sang Myun as President Ryu
Yoon Yoo Sun as Yoon Hye Sun
Jo Hee Bong as Park Hyun Seong
Nam Yoon Jung as (Hwa Young's mother)
Yoon Joo Sang as (Hwa Young's father)
Bae Jin Ah as Lee Chun Nam
Kim Jae Seung as Jo Hyeok Su
Yoon Jin Ho (윤진호) as Choi Jin Ho
Park Hee Jin as Attorney Meong
Kim Kyung Hee as Attorney Tae
Jang Suk Hyun as Flower secretary 1
Uhm Tae Goo (엄태구) as Flower secretary 2
Lee Eun Ji as Kyung Ae
Ryu Si Hyun (류시현) as Team leader Son
Kim Jae Man Lee Dong Jun
Seo Yoon Ah as Kim Min Jung
Otani Ryohei (cameo)

Lee Kang Hyun is a manager at a company that sets up people who have been divorced with dates. She meets a divorce attorney, Park Hyun Soo, and they begin a relationship with each other.

OMG! One of the only Korean dramas that I watched with whole hearted anticipation. The love quadrangle was simple. It didn't piss me off. It was actually believable. And there weren't any "bitches" or "bastards" I wanted to just shoot off! That usually blows my Korean drama experience when that happens.

I wasn't totally in love with the actress who played Kang-hyun. She was too anorexic looking and the hair was pitiful. She was pretty in a way but yet....well....just not right. On the other hand Kim Ji Hoon was so right for the part of Hyun-soo. Damn! He was gorgeous and was just perfect for the part! *drools*

I won't give away too much about the ending but I cried. Oh God, I cried. Let's just say it dealt with Superman and his super human powers. It was just a wonderful and original ending. I loved it. Oh yeah! I LOVED IT!

This drama is a must see! You'll fall in love like I did. It was perfect in every way and the ending was refreshing and satisfying. I think I want a love like that............*dreams*.

Kim Ji Hoon
Kim Ji Hoon Pictures, Images and Photoskim ji hoon Pictures, Images and Photos

Love and Fight (Koi wa Tatakai/ 恋は戦い!-2003)

Koi no Tatakai
Honjo Manami as Takamori Hanako
Hosho Mai as Kinoshita Yukari
Sakai Maki as Kamiya Kyoko
Muroi Shigeru as Usami Kiriko
Matsuoka Mitsuru
Ihara Tsuyoshi
Oura Ryuichi
Ichige Yoshie
Jimbo Satoshi (ep1)
Kyo Nobuo
Suga Takamasa
Matsuda Satoshi
Tanabe Seiichi (ep10)

A comedy featuring three single women working hard in a big city and one love counselor who gives them glimpse of their true feelings toward love, marriage, relationship, and ultimate happiness. The game of “love” begins with a gong!! --TV Asahi

This was quite a cute and funny show.

I was pleasantly surprised to see two....YES, TWO....of my favorite Kamen Riders! Suga and Matsuda!!!! Can life be any better?

This was genuinely a sweet romance and love story for the three women who were lost in the dating world. Unexpectedly did they learn to fight for their loves. And truly, I was terribly happy at the ending. Hanako ended up with the guy I had been routing for the whole time. Genuinely happy with the ending.

I was a little upset that my Matsuda-kun only had a bit part in the whole drama but yet Suga-kun was in every episode. So that was a nice relief and just made me jelly all up inside. Ya know?

Fuma No Kojiro (風魔の小次郎 -2007)

Fuma No Kojiro Banner Pictures, Images and Photos

Murai Ryota as Kojiro
Shindo Gaku as Ryoma
Takayama Takehisa as Ryuho
Sakamoto Naoya as Kou
Sakamoto Kazuya as Shoryu
Furukawa Yuta as Kirikaze
Suzuki Hiroki as Reira
Yashiro Shingo as Kabutomaru
Takahashi Tsuyoshi as Rinpyo
Hakuo Gakuin
Kawahara Makoto as Hojo Himeko
Ayumi (亜弓) as Yagyu Ranko
Seishikan / Yasha
Kawakubo Takuji as Asuka Musashi
Fujita Rei as Mibu Kosuke
Tashiro Koji as Kagero
Maruyama Atsushi as Shien
Saito Yasuka as Byakko
Shirota Jun as Kurojishi
Endo Kotaro as Anki
Harada Takuma as Raiden
Kawada Yu as Yosui
Itabashi Haruki as Shiranui
Okamoto Natsuki as Yasha Princess

Hakuo Gakuin used to be a prestigious high school, and famous for martial arts. However, because its rival school; Seishikan, has been cowardly luring it's superior students, Hakuo was going to decline.

In order to recover from the situation, the acting principal of Hakuo; Hojo Himeko, sends Yagyu Ranko to the Fuma Village in search of the famous Fuma ninja clan for assistance. The leader of the Fuma sent Kojiro to Hakuo, there he faces the notorious Yasha clan who fights for Seishikan lead by Asuka Musashi.

Soon Kojiro's comrades arrive and an all-out ninja war postponed for 500 years begins between the 2 clans.

Okay, it took me a few tries to watch this because the first episode was silly. Again, one of my mistakes. I loved this. The action was really good and fighting choreagraphy was really nice for a low budget drama.

I'll admit that I really wanted to watch this because the eye-candy was insane. Kojiro was probably the cutest. Such a loveable face. *sigh*

I don't know what it is these past few days because I've been hitting dramas with sad or unhappy endings. This wasn't unhappy but sort of sad. I mean this was hilariously funny in some instances but I wasn't expecting the ending. Well, kind of but not in that way. Almost reminded me of a Kamen Rider ending........

I can't put any pics only because there are just waaaaaay toooooooo many cute guys to post about. I don't think I would have enough physical space. LOL!

Remote (リモート -2002)

Domoto Koichi as Himuro Kosaburo
Fukada Kyoko as Ayaki Kurumi
Konishiki as Bob Kato
Nagura Jun (名倉潤) as Otaguro Keibu
Tamaki Hiroshi as Shingo
Sakai Miki as Sakaki Naomi
Kimura Yoshino as Sakaki Yuka
Takasugi Ko (ep5,6)
Waki Tomohiro as Fudo Shinichi (ep6)
Matsumoto Rio as Karen Chikumagawa (ep8)
Kinouchi Akiko
Eita as Sawamura Keisuke
Inoue Yoshiko

Locked away deep in his home and hiding a secret that keeps him there, Detective Kozaburo Himuro remains ever vigilant in his duties of police work. But how does the wunderkind detective investigate crime scenes without ever stepping out of his home? Enter traffic cop Kurumi Ayaki. She's a young lady who's about to marry and resign from the force when tasked with being Himuro's eyes and ears on the beat. While on the scene of the crime their only means of communication is via mobile phone. Together they investigate a series of mind-boggling murder mysteries that put them, particularly Kurumi, in constant danger. Can Kurumi keep up with Detective Himuro, and the fast-paced and dangerous work of criminal investigation? -- NTV

Okay, this was another one of those dramas that took me a few attempts to watch. Am I nuts? Some of the harder ones for me to watch are usually the better ones. LOL!

This was another good one. Tamaki-kun was insanely hilarious! It was so strange to see him in that part. I guess compared to Nodame Cantabile it was like seeing a fish walking. Ya know?

I fell in love with Domoto Koichi! I never realized how cute he was and how well he can act. I'm so used to seeing his "other half", Tsuyoshi.

Again this was another drama, even though the story was awesome, the ending left me befuddled. I wanted more. They left us with the thought of another season and the "love" story wasn't quenched. Even though Tamaki-kun is one of my faves of all time, I was all over Koichi-kun like syrup on a pancake. Why must they torture me so?

Definitely worth seeing and great time-killer. And, yeah, Koichi-kun is definitely something to look *gulps* at!

Domoto Koichi
Domoto Koichi Pictures, Images and PhotosTop 10: Domoto Koichi Pictures, Images and Photos

Itzura Na Kiss (イタズラなKiss -1996)

Itzura Na Kiss
Sato Aiko as Aihara Kotoko
Kashiwabara Takashi as Irie Naoki
Ozawa Maju as Matsumoto Reiko
Naitou Takashi as Aihara Shigeo
Asada Miyoko as Irie Machiko
Tokui Yuu as Irie Masaki
Akashi Ryotaro (明石亮太郎) as Irie Yuki
Aoki Shinsuke as Nakamura Kinnosuke
Uehara Sakura as Komori Jinko
Miyauchi Tomomi as Hayashi Satomi
Izawa Ken as Watanabe Junichi
Toyama Toshiya as teacher in-charge of class F
Nakama Yukie as Yada Sonoko
Hoshino Aki as one of classmates

Late for a meeting, Kotoko was running along the corridor in school and bumped into Naoki, their lips meeting. Naoki showed his disgust, but Kotoko started to idolise him, who was good at everything from studies to sports. When Kotoko's house burned down, her father's good friend Machiko invited them to move in with her family. It was then that Kotoko realised Naoki was the elder son of Machiko, who took up the role of a fairy-godmother to bring the two together...despite the fact that Naoki was disgusted. Not discouraged, the clumsy and not-so-bright Kotoko started to do everything that would change her impression on him. Gradually, the icy-cold Naoki who disliked girls started to feel for Kotoko...

Move over It Started With a Kiss.....this is the original!!

I had to watch this again for the second time since I watched this a long, long, long time ago. I was disappointed.

ISWAK is a good drama but totally overacted. Kotoko is definitely funny trying to woo Naoki. But the actions are more believable and tender hearted. I just wished they had finished the drama with the manga but as I look at the date of the film, the manga wasn't even finished. I wish Japan would remake this....since they started it.


Kashiwabara Takashi
Takashi Kashiwabara Pictures, Images and Photostakashi 38 Pictures, Images and Photos
Look how much he has grown up! Even more gorgeous. His latest drama Celeb to Binbo Taro, which I'm currently involved in. *sigh*

100 Days With Mr. Arrogant (내사랑 싸가지 -2004)

100 Day With Mr. Arrogant
Jae-won Kim - Lee Hyeong-jun
Ji-won Ha - Kang Ha-yeong
Tae-hyeon Kim - Yeong-eun
Min Han - Hyeon-ju
Chang-wan Kim - Ha-yeong's Father
Ji-Yeong Hong
Ji-yu Kim
Min-kyeong Kim
Eung-kyung Lee - Ha-yeong's Mother
Yong-geon Kim

After being dumped by her boyfriend just before their 100 day anniversary, Ha-Young, meets a college guy named Hyung-Joon when she accidentally kicks a can that hits him in the face and causes him to scratch his Lexus. He demands she pay him $3000 on the spot. She escapes from him, leaving her wallet behind.

Hyung-Joon stalks her, demanding money to pay for his car. Since she is a poor high school student Hyung-Joon writes up a "Enslavement Agreement" for Ha-Young in order to pay for the damage to his car. Ha-Young is thrown into a nightmarish slave life for 100 days, cleaning his house, running his errands, doing his homework and cleaning his car.
cute boy jae won Pictures, Images and Photos
By accident she finds out that the damage to Hyung-Joon's car only costs $10! She then takes her revenge. However, before she knows it Hyung-Joon shows up at her house as her new tutor! He once again takes advantage of her, but soon Ha-Young finds herself falling head over heels for Hyung-Joon.

But what happens when he drops out of her life just when she needs him most?

I loved this movie. I thought I had already posted about this. Nope! I watched this for a second time since some of my favorite dramas hadn't been updated and I was terribly bored. LOL!

This was a terribly sweet movie and Kim Jae Won was hilariously funny!

A tender romance that started out with a love/hate relationship between the two main characters. A typical Korean movie for the young masses. Such a feel good movie that leaves you happy on a crappy day.

Kim Jae Won
Kim Jae Won Pictures, Images and Photos

Tomorrow (2008)

Takenouchi Yutaka as Moriyama Kohei
Kanno Miho as Tanaka Aiko
Ogawa Tamaki as Endo Saya
Kurokawa Tomoka as Tanaka Nanami
Edo Harumi (エドはるみ) as Harada Kazuko
Nagata Akira (永田彬) as Kato Keita
Hashimoto Mami (橋本真実) as Sugiyama Mai
Arimura Miki as Takizawa Nozomi
Akita Makoto as Mishima Chinatsu
Sawaki Ruka (沢木ルカ) as Makoto
Ujiie Megumi as Hashimoto Satoko
Muramatsu Toshifumi as Kaneko Ayumu
Rokkaku Shinji (六角慎司) as Yabuuchi Jiro
Tanaka Minoru as Kataoka Yoichi
Shiga Kotaro as Kakinuma Kotaro
Osawa Akane as Yasuda Ryoko
Matsuda Miyuki as Yasuda Sanae
Nagashima Eiko as Tanaka Yoshimi
Jinnai Takanori as Hasumi Yoji
Kishibe Ittoku as Sendo Ikuo

Kohei Moriyama quit his job as a doctor 8 years ago and now works at the city hall. Since becoming a public official, he has become cheerful and optimistic. He is loved by everyone around him. However, his emotional wound from the past is not yet healed. He does not trust anyone but himself when it comes to important matters. One day, he meets a dedicated nurse, Aiko Tanaka. This encounter triggers his decision to reestablish a hospital. This is when he realizes... “Losing is not the end. Giving up is what ends everything.” --TBS

I watched this. I really liked this show. I only had one dissapointment. They had me believing that there would be a sort of romance between Kohei and Aiko. They kept tormenting me with it. But at the end, well.......totally not happy. I hope they make a second series because I really think they were trying to make us believe there was something.........

This drama dealt with health related issues and the growing concerns with the low count of doctors and nurses per patient ratio.

It was a little unnerving that it was mainly the cast who had the health related issues. That was another disspointment. Forgot about that. LOL!

Ah well. If you like medical dramas...this one was for you. They dealt with some medical problems that are usually mostly overlooked.

Takenouchi Yutaka