Thursday, August 6, 2009

City Hall (시티홀 -2009)

Cha Seung Won as Jo Gook
Kim Sun Ah as Shin Mi Rae
Yoon Chae Rin as Mi Rae (child)
Choo Sang Mi as Min Joo Hwa
Lee Hyung Chul as Lee Jung Do
Extended Cast
Cha Hwa Yun as Jo Yong Hee (Jo Gook's mother)
Yoon Se Ah as Go Go Hae
Jung Soo Young as Jung Boo Mi
Lee Joon Hyuk as Ha Soo In
Yang Jae Sung as Kang Tae Gong
Kim Gun as Yang Kye Jang
Choi Sang Hoon as So Yoo Han
Kwon Da Hyun as Sun Hwa
Kim Neul Mae as Go Yang Yi
Choi Il Hwa as BB
Shin Jung Geun as Ji Gook Jang
Park Joo Ah as Yoo Kwon Ja
Kim Jin Seong as Jo Rang
Yum Dong Hun as Go Boo Sil
Park Tae Kyung as Boo Jung Han
Im Dae Il as Director Moon
Ryu Sung Han as Director Byun
Kang Joo Hyung as Mang Hae Ra
Lee Jae Goo as Ye San
Kim Ah Rang as Ha Ni
Choi Dae Sung
Kim Dong Gyoon

City Hall is a drama that will deal with politics in a romantic comedy genre. It’s about the happenings between a young woman mayor and an elite bureaucrat. Jo Gook is an exceedingly smart government official. He passed the Higher Civil Service quickly, and basically is the perfect guy. But being a deputy mayor is not enough for him. He lives with the dream of becoming South Korea’s President. He should have easily gone straight to the top, but due to an unexpected incident, he gets dispatched as a deputy mayor for a provincial small town, Inju City, where Shin Mi Rae was working. Shin Mi Rae is a low-ranking secretary in Inju, but she works her way up in becoming the youngest City Mayor. As their paths met, they have to deal with each other’s personal and social differences. But despite their constant bickerings, would they end up in each other’s arms? -KoreanDrama

I will admit that at first, the very FIRST episode bored the living hell out of me. I had to force myself to watch it. Well worth the torment.....

OMG! This is TOP ranked. Kim Sun Ah....the QUEEN of comedy...RULES!! This show was the most amazing Korean Drama I have seen in a long, long, long time. Only 20 episodes (I wished they had added a few more), the romance between Mi Rae and Jo Gook brought friggin' tears to my eyes. I can't count how many. Oh...oh....oh...let's not forget that this drama DID NOT have the classic, horrendous, boring-as-hell kiss scenes that director's force us to watch. You know what I mean. Sealed lips that are pressed together does not a kiss make. Errrrgh. Oh no! This was some serious kissing that left you breathless. Oh God just thinking about Cha Seung Won pressing his lips to mine..............*cough, cough*...........I mean to Kim Sun Ah's was true blue. Nothing left to ones imagination. Those kisses were what it was all about. *sigh*

I'm not all about politics. So some things went over my head and under my feet, but the story itself was really, really good. You don't have to know legal mumbo jumbo to understand the story.

This was not your typical love story. No real love triangle to make you want to pull your hair out. This was some real entertainment. My God....will Korean dramas ever follow the City Hall formula? It works. It was real. And the chemistry between CSW and KSA was perfect. Move over Hyun Bin....Sam Soon has a new boyfriend and was he ever H. O. T........HOT!!

Cha Seung Won
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