Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bi (Rain)

Okay, okay. I'm converted....a little bit anyway. I'm a hard rock, heavy metal, alternative freak. But..........this guy has made me a new believer. Hehe!
Bi Rain

I watched a Korean drama called Full House (nothing like the idiotic comedy shown here years ago). Bi (pronounced "be" and means "rain" in Korean...) is the lead male in the show. It's a comedy about a girl who loses all her money, convinces a model/actor to lend her money, but ends up signing a year marriage contract to pay him back. I guess you can say it's a romance too. Hehe. Anyway, fell in love with this show and discovered he's an R&B singer. Didn't realize he's so popular. So popular that a Mr. Diddy wants to sign him, he's sung with Usher and is good friends with Omarion. So I youtube him and low and behold that innocent face from the show Full House becomes this.........

and this.......

His music is like caramel that is warm and melts on your tongue.
I'm in love!<3

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