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Aishiteru! Saranghae! Wo Ai Nee! Means....I Love You!

Ah! I've decided to post some of the reasons of why I watch Asian dramas before I start posting links and reviews of my favorite shows. I have 3 reasons why I watch Asian dramas........

1. HOT Japanese men.
2. HOT Korean men.
3. HOT Taiwanese/Chinese men.

Aren't those good enough reasons. (My husband is rolling his big, brown eyes right now.) I know, I know, I know. Hey! There are some HOT chicks but I won't talk about them because I'm not that sort of gal. Hehe!

I spent most of my night in bed tossing and turning on how to put this into words into my blog. I wish I had a voice recorder because at that time in bed it sounded so much better. Who do I start with? What movies should I reference them to? Should I make it even and put the same amount of guys for each genre? But, nahhhh. I'll just put who I like and why. And for the record, literally, most of these guys started out in boy bands or were singers before starting out as actors, and/or doing both.

So let me start by saying that it will be the Japanese first since that is the genre I started with in the first place. And it will be the first guy that I liked from the beginning.

So let me begin.


Tamaki Hiroshi

Tamaki Hiroshi
My first drama ever was Nodame Cantabile. It's corny by American standards. That's only because it's based on a manga (comic). Some of the actions are exaggerated but if you can get passed'll fall in love with the story. Hiroshi plays Chiaki. His character is an eccentric, clean freak compared to Nodame who is untidy, unstudious, and totally a marble head. Other notable dramas and movies I have seen him in........

Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi
Last Christmas
Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru

Oh did I mention that he can sing too?!!!

Kimura Takuya
takuya kimura
Out of all the actors I mention, he is the very best so far by my standards. Agh! I get the eebie-geebies, mushy, heart squeezy feelings for this man. He isn't the best looking of them all but damn if his characters don't make you fall for him.

The very first drama from this talented guy that I happened upon and ended up having a Takuya marathon was Love Generation. Katagiri Teppei...mmmmm,mmmmm,mmmmm. Maybe it was the bad boy image? Long hair? Attitude? From this drama on, I watched maybe 3-4 other of his dramas back-to-back. Oh, my toes curl with delight. Takuya-kun is a member of the boy band called SMAP. Here are few more of my recommended shows for viewing from this guy.

Good Luck!
Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi

Oh damn! Just read that he's going to be in an American made movie called I Come with the Rain starring Josh Hartnett! Hot damn!

Kamenashi Kazuya
kamenashi kazuya
If only I were 10 years younger....*sigh*. So cute. Kazuya is a member of the HOT boy band KAT-TUN.

I never really paid much attention to this guy until I came across the drama called 1 Pound no Fukuin. This drama is another drama based off a Japanese manga. It's about a boxer who falls in love with a nun-wannabe. Very sweet. But the best out of his dramas, hands down, is the drama called Nobuta wo Produce (notice how my blog name resembles his...hehe! Here are few more shows from him that I recommend.......

Tatta Hitotsu no Koi
Gokusen 2

Here's a song from KAT-TUN with Kazuya singing the theme to Gokusen 2....Kizuna!


.....and last but not least............

Matsumoto Jun
Sawada Shin/ Matsumoto Jun
Mmmm,mmmm,mmmm! Kawaii (cute in Japanese!) *sigh* He is also a member of a boy band named ARASHI. I'm not much for their music, but hey, I can't like everyone.

This guy is a great actor. Something about him comes across as arrogant. Very tense for an actor and hard for me to see as a comedian even though he did have very many poignant, comedic moments in Bambino! and Gokusen (the first season....he was not in the second season with my Kazuya.) I first noticed this guy in the movie Boku wa Imouto ni Koi wo Suru. The movie is about a brother and a sister(fraternal twins) who love each other...and not in the sibling fashion. This might sound like a perverted movie but you forget they are related and you feel for them. A forbidden love that can't be accepted. Definite tear jerker. It makes you think about what is considered forbidden and accepted in society and why the rules are the way they are. What is even sadder is that they have loved each other since the day they were conceived. Man, tears are already forming. *sigh* Here's more from this great, young actor/singer........

Hana Dori Yango
Kimi wa Pet


Oh yeah. This country produces the best dramas....EVER. You will find fan sites of Korean dramas and fanatics like myself who can't get enough. OMG! My Bi (Rain) is from here. *sigh, giggle, sigh*

Jeong Ji Hoon
Bi (Rain)

*saliva oozes from the corners of my mouth* I can't get enough of this man! My excitement mounts because a few months ago I found out that my main man will be in the Speed Racer movie coming out next month. It won't be a main part but who gives a damn! I'll be there in my theater seat drooling like a rabid dog in heat! He can act, he can sing, and damn if he can dance! *shivers*

Out of all of the Korean dramas, this one has been considered the best out of them all. There hasn't been another one that can compete with the ratings this one pulled out in the year 2004. The called Full House! The ratings for this show went through the roof. Let's compare it to the year that JR got shot on Dallas kind of ratings. Whew! This drama is the drama that got me hooked. I've not watched American TV since. No more LOST, no more Desperate Housewives, no more Office. Why should I watch them when these dramas can't compare? They are more intense, more loving, more romantic....ahhhh. Bi (Rain) as he is called in the English language has this naive, childlike demeanor in his shows. He is so compelling. His face is so sweet. You can't help but be drawn into his innocence. Yeah, that is the word....innocence. There isn't any awkwardness, evil, mistakeness in his acting. It's sincere in it's primest form. Oh, let me count the ways I love this guy. If you want to start watching at least one Asian drama...this is the one to start you out on. Here's more from "my" guy. (The husband is rolling his eyes again..... ;) )

A Love to Kill
Sang Doo, Let's Go To School
I'm a Cyborg, but It's Ok

Lee Wan
lee wan
Okay, this guy is gorgeous. Oh my! But that is not the only reason why I love this guy. I watched the most beautiful, saddest, romantic story with this guy as a main character. The story.....Heaven's Tree, or Tree of Heaven, depending on how that person wants to write it. I watched this story and afterwards cried so hard for so many hours. A+++++ is this show. OMG! You'll go through a year's worth of Kleenex in one sitting. Just thinking about it now, my nose starts to run and my eyes start to water. Story depicts the love of two step siblings. The girl is Japanese. Her father dies and her mother goes back to Korea and marries another man who already had a son from his previous marriage. The son is Lee Wan (Soon-suh). Even with language barriers, she only speaks Japanese and he only speaks Korean. They eventually fall in love. Oh God....the waterworks are going as I remember the story. All I can say is......if ever there was a true love....the story depicts it well!! I've seen him in only one other drama.....In-Soon is Pretty. This one was well-acted. A really good show. But because of Heaven's Tree, I had to put him in my blog.

Gong Yoo
Gong Yoo.1
Ummm.....yummo! Found that pic and had to post it up! Whew! *sweatin' bullets* LOL!

I've only seen one of his dramas and one movie. The movie he had a small supporting role...but it was quite funny. The movie was called.......My Tutor Friend. It was a cute, sweet film. Something fun to watch to get you out of your doldrums. The drama that shows his best ability was the drama called the First Shop of the Coffee Prince. This was actually my first Korean drama. The storyline catches ya like a shark on bloody meat. As soon as your hooked, all you can do is hang on because you aren't going anywhere. LOL! Definite must see, and hey, he's not bad to look at either. Hehe!

What is it about a guy, leather, and a crotch-rocket? Mmmmm. Why do I start with that question? Well, because the first guy I will talk about looked so damn good in a particular drama...that I've been following his shows ever since. And damn if he ain't the finest thing next to fine China.

Vic Zhou
OMG! He's the best looking out of them all! I swear! Another boy band member, he is a member of F4. F4 was created after Meteor Garden was created. Metero Garden is the Taiwan version of Hana Yori Dango...another Japanese manga. Does anyone see a correlation here?

And most of all, his hit drama MARS was out of this world (pun intended). Whew! MARS is highly recommended. Next to Heaven's Tree, this one will make you cry. Maybe not as long, but it will take you for one hell of a rollercoaster ride. That is for damn sure. MARS was another drama depicted from a Japanese manga. And this one my friends is why girls like guys on bikes. *fans self* Okay, okay....he's not just gorgeous but he really can act. He started out as an actor and continues to this day. I've seen almost all of his dramas............and they kick butt!

Love Storm
Silence~serious tear jerker....BEWARE!
Sweet Relationship
Wish to See You Again

Joe Cheng
joe cheng
This guy was the first Taiwanese actor I got to witness. I had just got done watching Itzura na Kiss (a Japanese drama and manga) and came across It Started with a Kiss the Taiwanese version of the manga. He was the main character. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm! Kawaii!!! This drama is soooooo popular. It is the hottest thing searched on most video viewing websites. *cough, cough* Luckily, the Taiwanese decided to stick with the manga and have followed it pretty well. And with the drama being sooooo popular, they decided to continue the story further and have produced They Kissed Again (scroll down the page from the link to ISwAK). A very addictive show. The second show is still airing to this day.

Summer X Summer
The Rose

All in all, these are a few of my favorite men. Oh there are more. But I seem to come across these guys the most. There will be more to come...and I'll have new reviews to post. So keep a look out!

Ahn nyung hee ke se yo!
Zài jiàn!

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