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The Clue Collector (霹靂MIT / Pi Li MIT -2008-2009)

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Aaron Yan as "007" Zhan Shi De 詹士德 (007)
Gui Gui as "Tian Mo Xing" Li Xiao Xing 李曉星 (天魔星)
Lu Ting Wei as "187" Qian Fu Hao 錢富豪 (187)
Huang Hong Sheng as "747" Huang Hui Hong 黃輝宏 (747)
Christine Fan as Tao Mei Ren 陶美人 (Cherry)
Tian Li as Lu Qi Ya 陸琪雅 (Angel)
Zhang Shan Jie as Lu Ke Ying 陸克英
Honduras (宏都拉斯) as Tao Ying Ming 陶英明
Extended Cast
Huang Tai An as Restaurant owner
Wang Yi Wen as 187's intel gatherer
Sandrine Pinna as Wen Xin Lan 溫心蘭 (ep01)
Chang Ai Wen as Xiao Ya Qi 蕭亞琪 (ep01)
Huang Wan Ting as Lin Yi Ting 林宜庭 (ep01)
Wang Xin Ru as Jin Ji La 金吉菈 (ep02)
Wei Wei (瑋瑋) as Lin Li Na 林莉娜 (ep02)
Cai Han Cen as Huang Xin Yi 黄心怡 (ep03)
Huang Wen Xuan as Liu Guan Zhi 劉冠志 (ep03)
Chen Zi Ru (陳子孺) as Li Zi Jie 李子傑 (ep03)
Xiao Lin Wang Zi (小林王子) as Shen Xiu Jun 沈修君 (ep04)
Hank Wu (吳仲強) as Wu Zhi Feng 吳志豐 (ep04)
Gao Sheng Yun (高聖雲) as Zhang Xuan Hui 張玄惠 (ep04)
Zhou Xiao An (周孝安) as Chen Yi Hong 陳逸宏 (ep04)
Jaline Yeh as Xie Yi Qian 謝宜倩 (ep05)
You Ding Gang (游定剛) as Dai Zhi Xun 戴志勛 (ep05)
Guo Cheng Lin (郭承霖) as Luo Jia Hao 羅家豪 (ep05)
Wasir Zhou (周詠軒) as Yang Ming Wei 楊明偉 (ep06)
Xia Ru Zhi (夏如芝) as Lin Yu Jie 林雨潔 (ep06)
Xiang Bo Tao as childhood Zhan Shi De (ep06)
Han Ruo Zi as Cai Ya Qing 蔡雅菁 (ep07)
Zhang Hao Ming as Qiu Shi Hong 邱士鴻 (ep07)
Yuan Tai (元太) as Dai Ming Zhe 戴明哲 (ep07)
Guo Yan Fu (郭彥甫) as Lin Bo Qing 林柏青 (ep08)
Guo Yan Jun as Lin Bo Hong 林柏宏 (ep08)
Xie Yi Ying (謝易穎) as Du Ming Wei 杜明威(ep08)
Cai Yi Zhen as Xu Wan Xin 許萬欣 (ep09)
Peter Peng (彭博劭) as Zheng Wen Long 鄭文龍 (ep10)
Li Xiao Ping (李筱萍) as Yao Qian Hui 姚千慧 (ep10)
Mi En (米恩) as Li Jia Ling 李佳玲 (ep10)
Luo Neng Hua (羅能華) as Zhang Shi Chang 張世昌 (ep10)
Figaro Ceng as He Rui Jia 何瑞家 (ep11)
Xu Shi Hao (許時豪) as Chen Yan Xiang 陳彥翔 / Huang Guo Zhong 黃國忠 (ep12)
Qiu Jia Wei (丘家維) as childhood 187 (ep12)
Peng Wu Jun (彭武駿) as childhood Chen Yan Xiang (ep12)
Zhang Jing Zhi (張靜之) as Lin Xiang Ting 林湘婷 (ep13)
Wang Da Lu (王大陸) as Yang Sheng Kai 楊聖凱 (ep13)
Xu Gui Ying as Cherry's mother (ep15)

The legend of a team called MIT secretly protecting Sheng Ying School was never public acknowledged but nonetheless spread wildly among the student body. For some reason, the team had disappeared and evil began to rack havoc in the school. The last remaining member of MIT, Teacher Cherry, decided to recruit the badest of all bad students, 007, 187, 747 and Tian Mo Xing, to form a new generation of MIT who would solve the crimes and restore the school back to its former glory.

I can't believe this drama is over. I'm a little upset and sad.....and then a little angry with the end.

Come on. I really didn't like the ending. They gave us 16 episodes of awesomeness. They prolonged the agony of our romantic love interests of "007" and "Tian Mo Xing". We ALL watched faithfully....waiting....for something to happen between them. The mysteries were all right...but nothing to cry over. I will admit it...I watched only to see how the romance progressed between our two "lovebirds."

I admit....about episode 5 I figured out who the Game Master was. It was quite obvious really. But I held off thinking they would throw in a twist. Well, they did. "Tian Mo Xing's" relationship with a certain teacher and student threw me for a loop. But it was all good.

The was a bit much. I really think the whole show could have been summed up around episode 14. The romance fizzled after Valentines Day. They took the focus off the "lovebirds" and went straight to the mystery. I was a bit fuzzled because the focus was primarily on the "lovebirds" throughout the show and then they finally decided to get with the program and focus on the mystery. LOL! I guess if they had just ended the show with some commitment with the "lovebirds".....a big, juicy kiss would have been nice.....I would have left the show with a massive smile on my face.

Don't get me wrong. This show thoroughly rocked my socks off. The first few episodes it took awhile to figure it out but once you held on.....the stories were quite interesting. Aye....the romance was sweet and I'm all about super sweetness. LOL!

I couldn't find any cute pics of "187" and "747" we'll have to deal with "007".....and that ain't bad!

Aaron Yan
aaron yan Pictures, Images and Photosaaron yan Pictures, Images and Photosaaron yan Pictures, Images and Photos

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