Friday, February 27, 2009

My Bad!

This is an apology to all my readers! I know I haven't posted anything this month and the month is almost over.



Let's just say me and my beloved laptop have had many disputes lately. It started about a month ago. It's no fun while typing a wonderful, lengthy paper or review and then "wham!" the computer would shut down. Yeah....crash! Ugh! And let me tell you...watching dramas and movies were a pain is the ASS! I'd get into it...a good part would appear....and then...."black screen." Errrgh!

I'm not a wizard of any means when it comes to computer technology. Well, some might know that if your laptop is not well ventilated it'll overheat. Well, mine has for some time now and the computer couldn't take it. So to save valuable data it would immediately shutdown. Thankfully, my hard drive didn't suffer much damage. But my heart did.

I got wise...googled...and discovered the wonderful world of laptop ventilation. Now my trusty Toshiba sits on a fan that blows cool air underneath. My Toshiba hasn't crashed since.....

I hope I just didn't curse myself. LOL!


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