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Goong S (궁 (宮) S -2007)

Goong S Pictures, Images and Photos
Se7en as Lee Hoo / Kang Hoo
Heo Yi Jae as Yang Soon Ae
Kang Doo as Lee Joon
Park Shin Hye as Shin Sae Ryung
Extended Cast
Myung Se Bin as the Queen
Lee Ki Young as Jo Sang Ki
Oh Mi Hee as Hwang Tae Hoo (the Queen's mother)
Yoon Ye Hee as Jang Yoon Hee (Lee Joon's mother)
Chun Ho Jin as Joon's father
Ha Jae Young as Hoo's and Queen's uncle
Cha Hyun Jung as Joon's bodyguard
Ye Soo Jung as person in charge of Lee Hoo's education
Song Baek Kyung as Bulbam
Jung Hye Young as Hoo's mother
Jun Soo Yun
Moon Ga Young
So Do Bi
Lee Joo Hyun
??? as Shin Jae Man (Sae Ryung's father)
??? as Ma Young Nam (Soon Ae's friend)
Goong S Pictures, Images and Photos
The Empress (Myung Se Bin) is in her early 30s, but she is still not married. Since, the 1st successor to the throne died, the royal family is in search for a new successor. Incidentally, they come to know of a young man who was in fact a son of the prince to a woman who left the Palace for her to be able to keep her pregnancy a secret. The young man's name was Lee Hoo (Se7en), more commonly known to his friends as Kang Hoo. Lee Hoo worked as a delivery boy at a Chinese restaurant, and was known for his 7-minute maximum delivery time. Lee Hoo had been brought up as more of a punk than a prince so his habits and his way of conversing were very different from the people of royal blood. Although he had never dreamt of living in the Palace, he one day finds himself immersing himself in its grandeur and improving himself to prove that he indeed deserves to be called the Successor to the throne.

He soon finds out that not only will he be facing lessons to the path of royalty, and dilemmas of love and of stature, but he will also learn to compete for the position he had been, first and foremostly, called for.

This drama was not even close to the original Goong. It wasn't supposed to be, I think. I think they were just trying to ride the coat tails of that most famous, exceptional drama.

I made it through most of the episodes but gave up. It bored me to tears.

I will say this. It brought my attention to Se7en. I googled him. I youtubed him. I fell in love with his music. Rain he is not but damn if he doesn't have the most softest voice and awesome dance moves. Okay, lets not forget those lips. This man has the most poutiest, kissable lips I have ever seen. Women pay thousands for collagen injections for those type of lips. Wow!

He isn't the best of actors. I think he has some kind of potential but this drama wasn't it. I think he needed a drama that is more for his genre. Dance and music and then progressed from there.

The other actors had no excuse. The acting was deplorable and emotionally retarded almost to the point of being in a coma. What the hell?

Se7en Pictures, Images and PhotosSe7en Pictures, Images and Photosse7en Pictures, Images and PhotosSe7en Pictures, Images and Photos

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