Saturday, April 25, 2009

OMG! A new discovery in the "middle of nowhere" Texas!

Today, just another Saturday. No biggie. I ran 4.5 miles (trust me people, this is by far my worst. I used to run 10-12 miles every other day until I hurt my back.) I watched the newest episode of Calling Love and When It's At Night. I finished off the second time watching Miss Kim Makes A Million. I cleaned house (boring!!). Then after a while decided to go down to the local Asian market we have here. (Just so's y'all know. We are a military family. And every town we live in is obviously military. And where there is military town, there are gobs and gobs of Koreans and Germans and Puerto Ricans) So we head on down to the O-Mart (I'm assuming the "O" stands for Oriental), we grab a cart, and as we walk by the front I couldn't believe my eyes. I thought my glasses were playing tricks on me. No! It couldn't be! But it was........

.......a SUPER JUNIOR CD! I almost passed out from sheer joy. But I won't stop there. There was more eyecandy. BIG BANG AND RAIN!!!!! (Okay, they had SNSD and the WonderGirls...but they don't "trip my trigger".) So, I stood there GAWKING. My son about gave up on me. I swear he rolled his eyes at me. I didn't know what to get. But then, yet, I did. I was not going to leave that store without 13 hotties in my hands. LOL! So there I stood, lovingly holding SUPER JUNIOR's 3rd album. If there weren't people watching, I probably would have been kissing every face on the cover. LOL! I was so happy to find this treasure. Having been "borrowing" music from a site I won't name, is how I had been getting my music fix. So now, when I go back to O-Mart, next on my list........will be RAIN! (I wished they had Se7en!)

Now if they would sell Asain would be REAL GOOD!

*Yeah, I could get this all online....but why the hell would I want to pay the insane shipping charges?*

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