Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Super junior Pictures, Images and Photos
I thought and thought and thought last night about this post. I never would have thought the day would come that I would say this.....I LOVE SUPER JUNIOR! Yeah, me, love Super Junior. Yeah, right? It's true.

After watching Bad Family with Heechul, I did web searches on him. I found Good Daddy. It's a reality TV series about 5 men who raise a young daughter. The men being 5 celebrities. One of the men is Hongki from FT. Island. Aye Carumba! Fell in love with that show. I will say my love for Heechul waivered. He was very stuck up and assinine in the show. I wasn't sure if it was for viewership purposes or if that was really his true personality. Okay, my curiosity got the better of me. I was enthralled with him even more. I did another search on Heechul and came across another reality series called Band of Brothers. This time it was 4 celebrities that form a band. One of the other band members besides Heechul....was Kangin (another group mate of Heechul's in Super Junior). Okay, after watching this...found out about The Trax. They are a Korean hard rock band. Two of the members were also in the Band of Brothers.

After all this, my curiosity was still not appeased and really hoping to find something to make Heechul not look like an asshole. After all the searching, I obviously came across lots and mean TONS of stuff on Super Junior. So much that I got a headache going through most of it. But oh lucky me! I came across their new video "Sorry, Sorry". Holy Mary, Mother of God! I can't get this freakin' song out of my head. I go to sleep with it and wake up with it. I have visions of Super Junior running amuck through my head. Thirteen cutie patooties of testosterone. Aiiiiish! Yes, those of you who have no clue who Super Junior are. This is a boy group of 13. Yes, I will post a picture of all 13. I do have my favorites. I won't go on and on about those favorites because I don't have enough time or space in my blog to gush about them. I will say who they are are though......1. Han Geng 2. Si Won 3. Hee Chul 4. Dong Hae 5.Ryeo Wook 6.Kang In 7. Sung Min 8. Yee Sung 9. Ki Bum 10. Kyu Hyun 11. Lee Teuk 12. Eun Hyuk 13. Shin Dong. In that order at this moment. Order might change....who knows. *shrugs*

I know you wonder. Did I find anything on Heechul that eliminated him from being an asshole? Not really. But have decided that is just him and his personality. Doesn't mean he's a jerk....maybe that is just how he is in front of a camera. I did thought find a nice story on the group on youtube made by a girl from China. Some nice person subbed the Chinese into Korean then into English. Everything that was said were quotes from interviews and radio shows of Super Junior. All the comments said they cried. I was like "whatever". I don't think I'll cry. Well, after the second video I broke down. Not a sobbing gush but tears strolled down my cheeks. *sigh* This was such a sweet story even though the title of the videos were called Super Junior Sad Story.

This is just the first of 8. You'll have to find the rest for yourselves. This story, the interviews, everything made me realize that Han Geng is probably the most sweetest guy out of the group. Total marriage material. *sigh*

I changed my mind. I won't post individual pictures. I'll be at my computer all day. LOL!

super junior Pictures, Images and Photos
Super Junior SORRY SORRY 13 Pictures, Images and Photos
This the latest picture from their new album that just came out this month...."Sorry, Sorry".


linzer-jello said...

Aish!! I love them all. I really can't choose. I would have to say Kyuhyun, HeeChul, and Siwon are definitely my top three. If you haven't seen it yet, watch Super Junior on Come To Play and Intimate Note. It might just be the funniest thing ever. Kyuhyun is really funny, and HeeChul never fails to entertain.

Sheree said...

LOL! I'm waaaaay ahead of you! I can't remember the mc's name but I thought it was hilarious that he couldn't remember Kyuhyun's name! (on Intimate Note) Hehehe!