Friday, April 3, 2009


I'm really having a rough time right now. I've watched all the Asian dramas I can watch. I've watched repeats upon repeats of my favorites. I guess at this moment every fansubber on the face of the planet is taking down time. I know there are some dramas I haven't watched. Mainly because they don't seem to my liking or they've been overdone (ex. Hana Yori Dango...I'm sure the Korean version is great but there is only so much I can stand so I have forgone that drama.....Yeah, I'm not following that beaten path and following my own.)

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is.....I'm having withdrawal symptoms. I start getting flutters in my stomach, I can't stay focused, I search the internet on a constant basis looking for something to appease me, and now I'm getting depressed. And, ya know, it's the Korean "drugs" I'm wanting more and more. LOL! I think I've watched every episode that every member of Super Junior has put out. I'm about to cruise the net for SS501 (never heard their music before, will give them a try), 2AM (another I've never heard), and I might do some Epik High (LOL! Sounds like the drug I'm needing. Oh, I crack myself up.)

I've just started watching variety shows that I'd probably never have given anther thought too. Star Golden Bell has become addictive. Actually, scary addictive. 2Days 1Night is Thursdays revolve around that one. If I don't have it, my day isn't right. Then there is Family Outing...OMG! If you don't like Korean language or shows, this one could change your mind. LOL! The show makes me so freakin' happy. I love Lee Chun-Hee. You get to see how funny one culture can be. The Koreans have a strange funny bone. But it's nice. Maybe it's the differential to my mundane life. The comedy, the games, the familial backdrop leaves you excited for the next episode. (Yeah, another show that gives me freakin' withdrawl. Ottoke?)

So what do I do? I've never been on youtube as much as I have this week. It's terrifying. I'm even to the point that I'm wanting to go to our local Asian market and buy out the Jjangjangmyun, Ramyun, kimbap, chapchae and Hite beer (and I don't even drink..LOL!)

Ya know what? I think I need a new "drug"..........

*....and no people, I'm not a drug addict. Read BETWEEN the lines.*

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chettewynde said...

Hello! Sorry to here, i have just found your blog and was looking forward to follow. I am intrested in asian movie and i have seen some japan movie when they apers on swedish TV and cinema, last six month i have visit a SF store now and then and bought DVD from korea and japan without knowing what it is, just for suprising me, and wow wht a suprice it has been.
Good luck!