Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Life's Golden Age (내 인생의 황금기 -2008)

AKA:The Prime Of My Life / The Golden Period of My Life / Golden Years of My Life / All About My Family

Moon So Ri as Lee Hwang
Lee So Yeon as Lee Geom
Jin Yi Han as Lee Ki
Shin Sung Rok as Go Kyung Woo
Lee Jong Won as Yoo Tae Il
Extended Cast
Jang Yong as Lee Man Se
Kim Hye Ok as Bok Mi Ja
Park Geun Hyung as Lee Man Ae
Moon Hee Kyung as Lee Man Sook
Park Jung Soo as Kim Hee Kyung
Kim Ji Young as Grandmother
Lee Joon Ha as Yoo Hyo Eun
Ha Joo Hee as Jung Yoon
Lee Jung Gil as Grandfather
Go Na Eun as Jin Soo Kyung
Lee Tae Im as Yoo Tae Young
Im Chae Moo as Yoo In Sik (Tae Il's father)
Lee Tae Gon as Dong Han
Yang Hee Kyung as Yoo Kyung Ja (Kyung Woo's mother)
Lee Yeon Doo

19 years ago, two previously divorced people got married and raised their children together. But the three children grew up to adopt different lifestyles and values from their parents. Hwang’s divorce sets off a series of unfortunate events that take her family on a roller coaster ride of ups and downs... This TV series is about the relationships between parents and children, and brothers and sisters. It touches upon subjects such as romance, marriage, divorce, unemployment, illnesses, dreams, disappointment, hope, courage and so on. The story follows the tumultuous events surrounding one family as the deal with the tribulations of life.

Out of the three main stories, I only liked one. So this 56 episode drama went pretty quick. Why? Because I fast forwarded through the stories that really pissed me off or bored the hell out of me and just watched the story unfold for Lee Geum and Go Kyung Woo. I only watched this because I love Shin Seong Rok. He's tall, handsome, and in real life a sweet, shy guy. (If you watched We Got Married, you know what I mean.)

I'm a big fan of the love/hate relationship. LOL! Go Kyung Woo is a PD (production director) who is filming a documentary on a pole jumper when Lee Geum, who is a coach for a girl's track team, accidently gets into the way of filming. One thing leads to another, destiny.....probably, they end up in a contract marriage and things go awry. As they date, he realizes she isn't out for his money, and she realizes he isn't a stuck up pig.

The other stories, well......were okay but they just seemed to get in the way. LOL! Geum's evil stepsister is married and has an affair, gets caught, gets divorced, gets pregnant, etc.., etc.., etc. She learns from her mistakes. Geum's brother is an intern but wants to be a musical actor. He quits medical school which pisses off his parents. He falls in love with his sister-in-law, stuff happens, etc..., etc..., etc...

This was a typical Korean drama in every sense of a Korean drama. LOL! But I really liked it. There wasn't an over the top love triangle (well, the story I liked the most didn't). Yeah, there was a medical illness involved, thankfully it was a happy ending. All's well and end's well.

Shin Seong Rok

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