Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hand Phone (핸드폰-2009)

Tae-woong Eom -Seung-min Oh
Yong-woo Park -Lee-gyu Jung
Additional Cast Members:
Sol-Mi Park - Jeong-yeon Kim (Seung-min's wife)
Bo-yeon Hwang - Dae-jin Kim (Seung-min's assistant)
Se-na Lee - Jin-a Yun (actress - Seung-min's client)
Kil-soo Park - Choi (loan shark)
Ku-taek Kim - Choi's bodyguard
Nam-gil Kim - Yun-ho Jang (model- blackmails Seung-min)
Yu-seok Kim - Jun-su Han (attorney)
Jin-mo Ju - Captain Kim
Seo Woo - Lee-gyu's sister
Jong-seok Kim - Wedding toastmaster
Ku-ra Kim - Radio DJ (interviews Jin-a)
Bae-su Jeon - Sound enginer @ Radio Station
Man-dae Bong - movie director
Ju-bong Choi - man who lost dog in the store

Talent manager Seung-min sees YOON Jin-ah, a rising actress, as his one last hope to turn his life around. Just as Jin-ah is on the path to stardom, he receives a threat from her former lover and gets her sex clip on his phone. Seung-min tracks down the culprit and retrieves the tape but ends up losing his phone. He realizes there is one last evidence of the sex tape on his phone and anxiously looks for it. Lee-gyu, who found Seung-min's phone, calls Seung-min's wife and asks her to come pick it up. On the night the phone was suppose to be returned, Lee-gyu doesn't show up. Now Lee-gyu is the one holding the leverage. Seung-min tries to do everything possible to get back his phone but Lee-gyu's demands are escalating to the point of no return.

Oh let me count the way of how freakin' awesome this movie was. I will tell you that I had this downloaded for months....sitting quietly on my hard drive....waiting for me to watch. One afternoon, I was bored. No drama updates to be had. Fail safe....the downloaded movies out the wazooie on my ever trusty laptop.

I double click Hand Phone and what I watched was totally amazing.

I will tell you that I was really hesitant with this movie. I only downloaded it because it had Uhm Tae Woong in it. That was it. This movie was over powering. It was non-stop. No time to breathe. I was on the edge of my seat the whole damn 2 hours.

Just like my previous post about Keitai Sousakan 7, we are totally deluded into believing that our cellphones are our life and we can't live without them. *Okay, okay.....I admit my beloved Pantech sits lovingly by my side....shhhhh!*

Just one cellphone wrought havoc to this one man's life. OMG! At first it was kind of funny but as the movie got momentum....what was funny was really quite scary. This one phone changed the lives of many people and became a hell on earth. As time has gone on, our cellphones have progressed from just being phones but cameras, video recorders, mp3 players, voice recorders, maps, computers, typewriters, and memos. Think about it for one second. With all this information that can be established into one phone, what was once safe can be your life taken in a split second.

This is about that one person who saved information into his phone.....and what became a private affair became one person's twisted fate. But not just himself but of the lives of people around him who had to suffer along with the insane escapade of cat and mouse.

All I can say this freakin' Grade A movie. You won't be disappointed one iota.

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