Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Man's Story (남자이야기 / Namja-I-Yaki -2009)

AKA: The Slingshot

Park Yong Ha as Kim Shin
Park Si Yeon as Seo Kyung Ah
Kim Kang Woo as Chae Do Woo
Han Yeo Woon as Chae Eun Soo
Lee Philip as Do Jae Myung
Park Ki Woong as Ahn Kyung Tae
Lee Moon Shik as Park Moon Ho
Extended Cast
Jang Se Jin as Beom Hwan
Kim Hyung Bum as Joong Ho
Baek Jae Jin as Yong Shik
Jun Jae Hyung as Jae Seop
Jang Hang Sun as President Chae
Kim Roe Ha as Director Oh
Park Sun Woo as Danny
Lee Seung Bok (이승복) as Lee Dae Pyo
Heo Wook (허욱) as Kei
Han Song Yi (한송이) as Yeon Hee
Kim Mi Kyung as Detective Kim
Choi Ji Na as Madame Jang
Lee Byung Joon as Do Man Hee (Do Jae Myung's father)
Bang Eun Hee as Myung Sun
Ahn Nae Sang as Kim Wook
Jun Sung Hwan as Mayor
Lee Tae Im

Kim Shin is a man who once had it all. A scam, engineered by Chae Do Woo (the head of a big conglemerate), ruined his family and his father's company went bankrupt because of him. He wants revenge against those who made his life a living hell. Seo Kyung Ah is his girlfriend who works diligently in order to help him repay his debts. Shin along with the help of some people that he's met approaches Chae Do Woo's sister, Eun Soo, in order to start his revenge.

Okay, okay. I started off really, really, truly falling in love with this show. Hello? Park Yong Ha, Park Ki Woong, and Lee Phillip. Total eye candy.....especially Lee Phillip. *swooning*

This show mainly relied on the story of one guys revenge. There was a love story involved but it wasn't worth my time and money. Really wanted Kim Shin to get back together with Kyung Ah but the writers decided to make her into a total ditz. Evidently she was brain smart but stupid smart as well. She knew her husband was the man who killed her exboyfriend's brother and that he was a psychopath but stayed with him. Why? I couldn't figure that out. Eun Soo was supposed to be the new love interest for Kim Shin but she was too "weak". Kim Shin is such a strong character and hers was too juvenile for him. She was a nice character and really thought it would have been sweet to hook her up with Kyung Tae. But like I said, this show relied heavily on revenge. From episode 1 to 16, this show rocked. Then all of a sudden.....the show fell apart instantly. The story lost momentum and started making not a lick of sense. I was so distraught at the end. No love story, no revenge, no nothing. Even Lee Phillip's good looks couldn't keep this story glued together. I'm telling ya.....this could have been one hell of a good show. It was "there". The story was "there". What in the hell happened to make a good show go bad?

Waste of time? Not a yes but a HELL YES!

Park Yong Ha

Lee Philip

This man makes my panties wet! He's too pretty to be human!

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