Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Missing in action..............

......well, not really. LOL! I've decided to post current, on-going, or recent programs, dramas, and/or movies. I not only blog about dramas, I read others as well. Why review dramas and movies that have been reviewed a thousand times....especially those that were made before 2007? I will blog about programs that are obsolete and that I have seen or luckily found. It's time consuming to write about things or interests that have been reviewed to the ground. Yes, I have my personal views on some dramas that might be of interest to someone else....but sometimes they are identical to others also. So..................

........anyway. What I'm watching and planning on reviewing:

City Hall~so far.....insanely hysterical and romantic
Romance Zero~sweet
Black and White~is still ongoing but will review it after this post. Why? You'll find out.
That Fool~started off good..........
Ghost Friends~another sweet Japanese drama
Tokyo Ghost Trip~eye candy galore
Prince of Tennis~so far, so good
Shining Inheritance~it's good but I think they have added toooooo many episodes, should only be an 18 or 20 episode drama....not 26.
Sons of Sol Pharmacy House~love this family drama so far.
Atashinchi no Danshi~didn't think I'd like it, but it's great

These are the only ones I could think off the top of my I might have forgotten a few. I watch soooooooo many a day that I do get befuzzled........sometimes.

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