Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Remote (リモート -2002)

Domoto Koichi as Himuro Kosaburo
Fukada Kyoko as Ayaki Kurumi
Konishiki as Bob Kato
Nagura Jun (名倉潤) as Otaguro Keibu
Tamaki Hiroshi as Shingo
Sakai Miki as Sakaki Naomi
Kimura Yoshino as Sakaki Yuka
Takasugi Ko (ep5,6)
Waki Tomohiro as Fudo Shinichi (ep6)
Matsumoto Rio as Karen Chikumagawa (ep8)
Kinouchi Akiko
Eita as Sawamura Keisuke
Inoue Yoshiko

Locked away deep in his home and hiding a secret that keeps him there, Detective Kozaburo Himuro remains ever vigilant in his duties of police work. But how does the wunderkind detective investigate crime scenes without ever stepping out of his home? Enter traffic cop Kurumi Ayaki. She's a young lady who's about to marry and resign from the force when tasked with being Himuro's eyes and ears on the beat. While on the scene of the crime their only means of communication is via mobile phone. Together they investigate a series of mind-boggling murder mysteries that put them, particularly Kurumi, in constant danger. Can Kurumi keep up with Detective Himuro, and the fast-paced and dangerous work of criminal investigation? -- NTV

Okay, this was another one of those dramas that took me a few attempts to watch. Am I nuts? Some of the harder ones for me to watch are usually the better ones. LOL!

This was another good one. Tamaki-kun was insanely hilarious! It was so strange to see him in that part. I guess compared to Nodame Cantabile it was like seeing a fish walking. Ya know?

I fell in love with Domoto Koichi! I never realized how cute he was and how well he can act. I'm so used to seeing his "other half", Tsuyoshi.

Again this was another drama, even though the story was awesome, the ending left me befuddled. I wanted more. They left us with the thought of another season and the "love" story wasn't quenched. Even though Tamaki-kun is one of my faves of all time, I was all over Koichi-kun like syrup on a pancake. Why must they torture me so?

Definitely worth seeing and great time-killer. And, yeah, Koichi-kun is definitely something to look *gulps* at!

Domoto Koichi
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