Thursday, November 13, 2008

Marmalade Boy (橘子醬男孩 / Ju Zi Jiang Nan Hai -2002)

Marmalade Boy
Stella Huang as Guang Xi
Ken Zhu as Yuu
Zeng Guo Cheng as Ren
Guo Ching Chun as Liu Mei
Zhang Zhi Wei as Yao Shi
Er Shu Ru as Qianlizi
Gina Lin as Mingzi
Gao Hao Jun as Yin Tai
Ling Li Fei as Yalishi
Wu Zhong Tian as Xiao Ming
Joyce Ni
Kimi Hsia

Xiao Shi Chuan Guang Xi finds her life turned upside down, when her parents return from a trip to Hawaii only to tell her that they are getting a divorce. They explain that while they were there that they had met another couple, the Song Pu family, fallen in love, and now decided that each couple would breakup and switch partners. Guang Xi is understandably upset. The whole situation makes no sense to her, and she doesn’t want to see her family broken apart. But if that wasn’t crazy enough, her parents tell her, so that she will not miss having both parents around her, that they, along with the other couple and their son You, would be moving together into a big house making them one big happy family. Needless to say, Guang Xi is not happy about the situation at all, though she does find You to be attractive, a fact that doesn’t escape the notice of her jealous friend, Yin Tai, who has liked her for years, or of Yalishi, You’s ex-girlfriend……
Based off of the acclaimed manga Marmalade Boy by Wataru Yoshizumi

Another one of my previous mistakes in thinking this was a waste of my time. The first episode, I admit, threw me. It was stupid!!!! That's why I've skipped this so many freakin' times. I've been so bored recently waiting for all my newer dramas to be updated that I'm rehashing old dramas and reconsidering some. This one being one of them.

Besides the first episode being stupid, from that point was really good. Really! Better than what I expected. I liked it so much that I actually hooked up the manga to read.

Surprisingly, as I've told many (I should listen to my own advice....shouldn't I?) that to watch atleast the first two apisodes before making a final decision. This one I didn't and blew off for soooooooo long. *ashamed*

The acting wasn't great but the story itself kept me interested. Original storyling for sure. Definitely worth watching...even if its for Ken Zhu.

Ken Zhu
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