Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Itzura Na Kiss (イタズラなKiss -1996)

Itzura Na Kiss
Sato Aiko as Aihara Kotoko
Kashiwabara Takashi as Irie Naoki
Ozawa Maju as Matsumoto Reiko
Naitou Takashi as Aihara Shigeo
Asada Miyoko as Irie Machiko
Tokui Yuu as Irie Masaki
Akashi Ryotaro (明石亮太郎) as Irie Yuki
Aoki Shinsuke as Nakamura Kinnosuke
Uehara Sakura as Komori Jinko
Miyauchi Tomomi as Hayashi Satomi
Izawa Ken as Watanabe Junichi
Toyama Toshiya as teacher in-charge of class F
Nakama Yukie as Yada Sonoko
Hoshino Aki as one of classmates

Late for a meeting, Kotoko was running along the corridor in school and bumped into Naoki, their lips meeting. Naoki showed his disgust, but Kotoko started to idolise him, who was good at everything from studies to sports. When Kotoko's house burned down, her father's good friend Machiko invited them to move in with her family. It was then that Kotoko realised Naoki was the elder son of Machiko, who took up the role of a fairy-godmother to bring the two together...despite the fact that Naoki was disgusted. Not discouraged, the clumsy and not-so-bright Kotoko started to do everything that would change her impression on him. Gradually, the icy-cold Naoki who disliked girls started to feel for Kotoko...

Move over It Started With a Kiss.....this is the original!!

I had to watch this again for the second time since I watched this a long, long, long time ago. I was disappointed.

ISWAK is a good drama but totally overacted. Kotoko is definitely funny trying to woo Naoki. But the actions are more believable and tender hearted. I just wished they had finished the drama with the manga but as I look at the date of the film, the manga wasn't even finished. I wish Japan would remake this....since they started it.


Kashiwabara Takashi
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Look how much he has grown up! Even more gorgeous. His latest drama Celeb to Binbo Taro, which I'm currently involved in. *sigh*

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i loved the show. it was really fun to watch. Kassy is so hot~~ :D