Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baby and Me (Ahgiwa Na / 아기와 나 -2008)

Baby and Me
Geun-seok Jang - Joon-soo
Byeol Kim - Byeol Kim
Mason Mun - Woo-ram Han (baby)
Supporting Cast
Myeong-su Park - voice of Woo-ram
Jeong-nan Kim - Ms. Cho (Joon-soo's Teacher)
Byeong-ok Kim - Joon-soo's father
Hyeon-suk Park - Joon-soo's mother
Gyu-su Jeong - Byeol's father
Jeong-hee Jang - Byeol's mother
Jae-han Choi - Jun-seong
Se-hong Jeon
Kwang-rok Oh - older man trying to abandon his baby
Mun-shik Lee - Subway attendant (standing by locker)

Joon-soo is the kingpin of the Myungsung High School and an all around troublemaker who makes his parents even leave home in desperation. While shopping for a party at his now-empty home, he discovers a baby sitting in his shopping cart, with a name tag "Han Wooram" which points to Joon-soo as his father ...

Hmmm? This movie started off really cute and funny but it lost something near the end. I'm not saying this is a bad movie not at all. It was quite good but the ending just didn't satisfy me.

Was there supposed to be a romance going on between Joon-su and the girl? I really didn't see where she was supposed to be in the story except as his personal babysitter. That was just a waste of talent. Yeah, definitely. I was really hoping more from them both in that aspect.

I will admit I liked the twist at the end when we find out who the "real" father was. Wasn't really expecting that. That was really good how they through that in there.

Anyway, I was hoping for more out the ending but it was cute and sweet anyway. I cried a bit. Okay? There.

Jang Geun Seok
Jang geun suk Pictures, Images and PhotosJang Geun Seok Pictures, Images and PhotosJang Geun Seok Pictures, Images and Photos
Lucky me! I share the exact same birthday as Geun-seok! Well, not exactly....different years. I won't say the age difference. *bummer*

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