Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tomorrow (2008)

Takenouchi Yutaka as Moriyama Kohei
Kanno Miho as Tanaka Aiko
Ogawa Tamaki as Endo Saya
Kurokawa Tomoka as Tanaka Nanami
Edo Harumi (エドはるみ) as Harada Kazuko
Nagata Akira (永田彬) as Kato Keita
Hashimoto Mami (橋本真実) as Sugiyama Mai
Arimura Miki as Takizawa Nozomi
Akita Makoto as Mishima Chinatsu
Sawaki Ruka (沢木ルカ) as Makoto
Ujiie Megumi as Hashimoto Satoko
Muramatsu Toshifumi as Kaneko Ayumu
Rokkaku Shinji (六角慎司) as Yabuuchi Jiro
Tanaka Minoru as Kataoka Yoichi
Shiga Kotaro as Kakinuma Kotaro
Osawa Akane as Yasuda Ryoko
Matsuda Miyuki as Yasuda Sanae
Nagashima Eiko as Tanaka Yoshimi
Jinnai Takanori as Hasumi Yoji
Kishibe Ittoku as Sendo Ikuo

Kohei Moriyama quit his job as a doctor 8 years ago and now works at the city hall. Since becoming a public official, he has become cheerful and optimistic. He is loved by everyone around him. However, his emotional wound from the past is not yet healed. He does not trust anyone but himself when it comes to important matters. One day, he meets a dedicated nurse, Aiko Tanaka. This encounter triggers his decision to reestablish a hospital. This is when he realizes... “Losing is not the end. Giving up is what ends everything.” --TBS

I watched this. I really liked this show. I only had one dissapointment. They had me believing that there would be a sort of romance between Kohei and Aiko. They kept tormenting me with it. But at the end, well.......totally not happy. I hope they make a second series because I really think they were trying to make us believe there was something.........

This drama dealt with health related issues and the growing concerns with the low count of doctors and nurses per patient ratio.

It was a little unnerving that it was mainly the cast who had the health related issues. That was another disspointment. Forgot about that. LOL!

Ah well. If you like medical dramas...this one was for you. They dealt with some medical problems that are usually mostly overlooked.

Takenouchi Yutaka

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