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The Four (少年四大名捕 / Siu Neen Sei Daai Ming Bo / Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu -2008)

The Four
Raymond Lam as Sing Ngai Yue / Mou Ching 成崖餘 / 無情
Kenneth Ma as Tit Yau Ha / Tit Sau 鐵游夏 / 鐵手
Sammul Chan as Chui Leuk Seung / Jui Ming 崔略商 / 追命
Ron Ng as Lang Ling Hay / Lang Huet 冷凌棄 / 冷血
Dominic Lam as Chu Kot Ching Ngo 諸葛正我
Kate Tsui as Song Tze Yeen 桑芷妍
Selena Li as Lam Yeut Fei 藍若飛
Supporting Cast
Crystal Tin as Kuk Yin Hung 曲嫣紅
Lau Kong as Choi King 蔡京
Gordon Liu as Lam Po Tin 藍破天
Felix Lok as Ling Lok Sek 凌落石
Joel Chan as Ling Siu Kwat 凌小骨
Cilla Kung (龔茜彤) as Ling Siu Do 凌小刀
Law Lok Lam as Tit Fu 鐵斧 (Tit Sau's father)
Vivi Lee (李美慧) as Tit Yau Dung 鐵游冬 (Tit Sau's younger sister)
Halina Tam as Lau Piu Seut 柳飘雪
Ram Tseung as Sue Mo Hei 舒無戲
Savio Tsang as Chiu Cheung 趙昌
Eric Li as Choi To 蔡絛
Suet Nei as Yeung Dai Ma 羊大媽 (Jui Ming's adoptive mother)
Chun Wong as Chu Yi Ba 朱二爸 (Jui Ming's adoptive father)
Sin Kin Ying (冼灝英) as Ngau Sam Ba 牛三爸 (Jui Ming's adoptive father)
Lam King Kong (林敬剛) as Sing Ding Tin 成鼎天
Jimmy Au (歐瑞偉) as Fok Ching 霍正 (Tit Sau's older brother)
Wong Wai Leung (王偉樑) as Wai King To 韋驚濤 (ep1-3)
Casper Chan as Kong Siu Tau 江小透 (ep3-4)
Ricky Wong (cameo, ep4)
Lee Feng (李楓) as Lang Yue Seung 冷如霜 (Lang Huet's aunt, ep7-8)
Ng Wai Shan (伍慧珊) as Yau Fan 柔芬 (ep8)
Pierre Ngo as Hung King 洪勁 (ep11-12)
Russell Cheung (張智軒)
Amy Ng (吳幸美) as Siu Dip 小蝶 (cameo, ep12)
Oscar Leung (cameo, ep13)

Based on the novel by Wen Rui An, the drama is centered around four extremely skilled assassins/detectives who are hired by the Chinese Emperor to arrest and execute any criminals roaming through the country.

This series was insanely addictive. Okay, and this was my very first HK drama that I watched. I'm not big on Chinese films. I think I have mentioned this before but for some reason the synopsis of the story had me intrigued. Guess what? I fell in love with this. Totally and awesome show. It never slowed down at all, so each episode had me enthralled from beginning to end. never strayed from its story. The entire thing never stopped at scenes and mulled about. This actually got to the gist of the story and stuck with it. Finally, a refreshing story that held me totally captive.

Raymond Lam, next to Nicholas Tse, is probably now one of my favorite Chinese actors. Wow! He was just so pretty. Whew! I really want to see more from this guy. And to answer some of those questions......yes, I've already been searching for more from him. Hehehe!

Now to the downer....the ending threw me for a loop. What the.....??? The love twist really, truly pissed me off. Why oh why???

Raymond Lam
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