Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jikou Keisatsu ( 時効警察 -2006-2007)

Jikou Keisatsu

Odagiri Joe as Kiriyama Shuichiro
Aso Kumiko as Mikazuki Shizuka
Toyohara Kosuke as Jumonji Hayate
Fuse Eri as Matarai
Mitsuishi Ken as Morosawa
Eguchi Noriko as Saneie
Iwamatsu Ryo as Kumamoto
Hida Yasuhito as Hachisuka
Azuma Chizuru (ep1)
Takada Seiko (高田聖子) (ep1)
Ikewaki Chizuru (ep2)
Shioyama Misako (塩山みさこ) (ep2)
Tanaka Yoji (ep2)
Katagiri Hairi (ep2)
Onishi Takeshi (大西武志) (ep3)
Tanaka Tetsushi (ep3)
Ogawa Tamaki (ep3)
Nagasaku Hiromi (ep4)
Hirota Reona (ep4)
Okina Megumi (ep5)
Azuma Mikihisa (ep5)
Nogi Ryosuke (ep5)
Iizawa Momo (ep5)
Yoshitaka Yuriko (ep6)
Moriguchi Yoko (ep6)
Hazuki Riona (ep7)
Matsui Ryoko (松井涼子) (ep7)
Moro Morooka (ep7)
Tayama Ryosei (ep7)
Noguchi Kaoru (ep7)
Sakurai Atsuko (ep8)
Maki Yoko (ep8)
Hirokawa Mitsunori (廣川三憲) (ep8)
Ayata Toshiki (綾田俊樹) (ep8)
Nomaguchi Toru (ep8)
Inuyama Inuko (ep8)
Negishi Toshie (ep8)
ROLLY (ep9)
Ryo (ep9)
Tsugumi (ep9)
Sasano Takashi (ep9)
Muramatsu Toshifumi (ep9)

Kiriyama Shuichiro works as an information management officer in the prefectural police station. As he is very observant and has interest in the unresolved cases which have gone past the legal time frame (statute of limitations) i.e. the culprit cannot be charged even if he/she is caught, he investigates the cases without permission with the aim of "confirming" the culprit only. Some charateristics of this character would be his dark green spectacles, his wallet containing 20,000 yen at all times and he likes udon and nyuumen.

This drama was sort of a disappointment. Don't get me wrong. As usual, Joe-kun rocked my world. This man is a talent beyond anyones imagination. Why isn't he world reknowned? Dunno.

Anyway, the disappointment stems from the fact that both seasons of episodes were sickeningly repetitive. Then there is the fact that they hint to a "romance" and then the second season just blew it off like a north winter wind. What the.....?

This had a good start and then it fell apart as the series continued and I got bored as hell. I watched in angst just hoping that since the story was repetitive they would heat up the romance....but that failed me too.

There is only so much that Joe-kun can do. What a waste of perfectly superb acting skills that got flustered in this weak drama. *sigh*

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