Friday, September 5, 2008

Evasive Inquiry Agency (2007)

Lee Min Ki as Moo Yeol
Ye Ji Won as Hee Kyung
Ryu Seung Soo as Yong Soo
Lee Eun Song as Eun Jae
Extended Cast
Park Hee Soon as Baek Min Chul
Yoon Moon Sik as Lee San
Yoo Tae Ho as Jo Man Ki
Lee Han Wie as Jang Taek Soo
Lee Hae Young as Kang Seung Ho
Ryu Tae Ho
Lee Jong Goo
Choi Dae Hoon
Kim Yoo Jung
Choi Yo Han
Tak Sung Eun
Lee Dong Ho
Jo Gyu Chul
Lee In Chul
Choi In Sook
Kim Ja Ok (cameo)
Park Hwi Soon (cameo)
Kim Si Duk (cameo)
Yoo Yeon Soo

Moo Yeol is a taekwondo instructor who falls for Eun Jae at first sight when she comes and asks him to help her find gold treasures at the agency. Hee Kyung is a tarot card master and Yong Soo is a manhwa shop owner who passes his days with no dreams nor hopes but gets involved in the gold hunting simply for fun. Moo Yeol, Hee Kyung, and Yong Soo gather together at the empty Inquiry Agency office and they discover a dead corpse in the basement. The four of them later decide to start a treasure hunting project.

This is also a drama without a love story.

OMG! I so fell in love with this drama. It was nothing, I mean nothing, like I expected it to be. First off, I didn't think it was a comedy because the very beginning started off at the end of the show and there was fighting.

From that point on, the whole gist of the story changed and we follow the characters until they get to that point of the story. But, the characters in general, were histerical. OMG! It was hilarious. Lee Min Ki is a comedian. Even though he plays a young oaf, his hotness exuded through the screen. They can dress him all like a beggar but he still is one hell of a fine piece of male specimen! LOL! His character, while innocent, was the most buoyant. He was oafish, dumb, and love-lorn. But out of it all, he acting skills and character shined through. My God, he was just a riot!!!

I won't leave the other characters out. Hee-kyung and Yong-soo were the eldest of the group. Yong-soo was the tarot card eccentric/swindler. Money hungry but true to her friends the most. Hee-kyung is the manga cafe owner. While lazy, seemed to be the smartest. Having learned everything he needed to know through reading mangas. You have to see that. I was laughing so hard. Then there is Eun-jae. Moo Yeol (LMK) falls head over heels for her. She is rich, beautiful but very arrogant. Eventually we see her open up and change for the better and see a glimpse of attraction towards the love-struck Moo Yeol.

This story was fun! After every episode, they had "extra" scenes that were probably the most funniest things ever. They were scenes supposedly cut from the episode. So you get to see something that might not have been answered. Some were outrageously funny. I always looked forward towards the end to see what would happen. My favorite one.....well it includes Lee Min Ki and a towel. Ohhhhh, I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard!

This is probably one of my most favorite dramas ever. I can't believe this was passed up by me a long time ago..............................

What was I thinking??

Lee Min Ki

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