Monday, September 29, 2008

Rule Number One (第一诫 -2008)

Rule Number One
Ekin Cheng
Fiona Xie
Shawn Yue
Stephanie Che

A police officer after injured and killing a serious criminal gets transferred to another department called "Miscellaneous Affairs Department" where Rule Number One is " There Is No Such Thing Called Ghost".

This was one totally insane movie. It was cool!

At first it was like really weird. Then it got weirder. Then I thought I had it figured out. And I did really, but they twisted the movie and had me doubting myself. But then at the very end, I was right all along. Aaagh!

The movie pretty much tells you at the very beginning of the story the ending. Listen. And then figure it out at the end. I just gave you a hint.

This was totally freaking but totally thrilling.

I just loved Shawn' and Ekin's characters. I love them individually put when they are together, it's totally an awesome movie thrill ride.

"Nothing isn't at seems, or is it?"

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