Monday, September 22, 2008

Style! (スタイル!-2000)

Motoki Masahiro
Takeuchi Yuko
Sakai Maki
Sato Yasue
Hoshino Yuka
Arita Teppei (有田哲平)
Bando Eiji
Ishida Taro
Murakami Rikako
Toda Keiko
Sano Shiro
Ueda Shinya (上田晋也)
Okada Masumi
Aijima Kazuyuki (ep1)
Sakaguchi Kenji (ep6)
Murakami Rikako (ep8)
Ozawa Maju (ep9)

It's about life in a department store. Its stars Motoki Masahiro and Takeuchi Yuko. Motoki heads a personal shopper's department. This department recommends shopper's what to wear at no extra charge. The management wants to remove the department so people in the special department tries it's best from not being removed.

Okay, sorry no picture for the drama. It's pretty old. So it's hard to come by. The pics I did find were soooooo small it would have wasted my time to copy to the blog.

This was a very funny drama. Motoki Masahiro was freakin' hilarious as the department's manager. He's egotistic when it comes to women. As we watch, we learn that he was dumped by his first love who married his best friend. So his interactions with women were that to forget her.

As the story unfolds, he learns more about women as his charges are all women with the exception of one man who is gay. His love for his job becomes more apparent and he starts to care about his employees and himself who he seemed to forget.

This was truly delightful. The story didn't really end the way I liked it. Yuko-chan's character left him a note but we never got to find out what it said and I truly wanted to know. A second season will never come to conception since this drama is over 8 years old. Too bad. It truly could have expanded more so and finalized his relationship with Yuko-chan.

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