Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Platonic Sex (Puratonikku sekusu -2001)

Platonic Sex
Saki Kagami - Aoi Kadokura
Joe Odagiri - Toshimi Iwasaki
Maho Nonami - Akemi Yamaguchi
Kenjiro Ishimaru - Yoshio Kadokura
Toshie Negishi - Yukiko Kadokura
Taishu Kase - Makoto Kanai
Hiroshi Abe - Hideyuki Ishikawa

It is Aoi's (Saki Kagami) seventeenth birthday. She has been raped by her friends and deeply shocked. She turns to her family for support and comfort only to be rejected. She decides to do away with herself and is about to jump from the roof of the school building, when she receives an e-mail message on her cell phone. It was a wrong number, but she finds consolation in the message and decides not to kill herself. However, she cannot bring herself to go back home and wanders the streets. She is picked up by Kanai (Taishu Kase) who was scouting around for girls, and begins to work at a bar as a hostess, calling herself "Ai." She starts selling herself and encounters Ishikawa (Hiroshi Abe), a shady character who spends a lot of money in a reckless way. Ai leads a day-to-day existence for money with Akemi (Maho Nonami), the most popular hostess at the bar. Her sole consolation was in exchanging e-mail messages with Toshi (Joe Odagiri), the one who had sent her that e-mail by mistake. Ai does not tell him how she makes a living, but comes to love him, and moves in with him. However, the production of the five pornographic videos, which she had agreed to do in exchange for five million yen, had already begun by then....

This was a surprising movie. Maybe I'm a little hentai but I thought this was like a sex movie. LOL! Okay, it had sex but not what you think. There was only one part in there that left me thinking "Woah!"

Instead this was a thought provoking movie that told a story of innocence lost and parental idiocy. The father beat the crap out of her. Why? She was gang raped but it was her fault? Something wrong with that. Yeah, I would have left home too.

When I realized that my Jo-kun was in this movie, I was all giddy inside. This guy totally rocks my world in TV and film. He didn't let me down in this movie. His portrayal of Toshi was stunning. Rough on the outside but all gooey in the middle. That is Odagiri Joe. His vulnerability always shines through. His kind heart is always on the outside and that is why his vulnerable characters always shine through.

This movie is dark with bits of light that shine through. The beginning and the end are pay attention because they coincide with the other. The most beautiful moments are those words and sentences they exchange over their cell phones.

Don't expect a happy ending....I was. In the end, I was brought down to my knees spilling more tears............

I should look like a raisin....I don't know how much more water I have left in my body from all these crying moments.

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