Friday, October 31, 2008

Boys Love The Movie (劇場版 -2007)

Boys Love The Movie
Kotani Yoshikazu
Kanno Atsumi
Kawakubo Yuki
Ren Kiriyama
Tomoya Nagai
Kazuki Namioka

Aoi Kairu (Kotani Yoshikazu) Kotani Yoshikazu
teaches at one of the nation's most prestigious boarding schools. One day, after a falling out with his girlfriend, he meets a young guy who provides him comfort and consolation during his time of need. Soon after that, a new student, Sora (Kanno Atsumi),Kanno Atsumi
transfers into his class, and much to Kairu's surprise, it is the same boy he had encountered before. Kairu tries to put the past behind him and keep their relationship a secret, but the brash Sora is not about to let go of love so easily.
Kanno Atsumi
Ahhhh! Another yaoi movie. Gotta love those Japanese and their gay movies. I don't know why but their yaoi movies are always loving. I can't explain it.
Boys Love The Movie
I was a little dissapointed because Saito Takumi wasn't in this movie this time but his co-star from the first movie, Kotani Yoshikazu. I will start off first with.......OMG!!!!! The very first scene is intensely erotic and Kanno Atsumi is totally hot in this movie. He definitely took this role seriously. The only thing I didn't like is that when he talked, he always seemed out of breath. I don't know if it was nerves or he had a stopped up nose or what.

Another fangirl made movie. Yeah, I'll admit, I like them. Hot guys that make our estrogen swoon in merriment. Yeah..........can you blame me?

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