Tuesday, October 14, 2008

City Without Baseball

City without baseball Pictures, Images and Photos
Ron Heung
Yu Chung Leung
Yuan Lin
John Tai
Monie Tung - Kim

Resigned to playing at a remote facility without even a spectator's stand, the local team faces challenges on and off field before the international championships.
"City Without Baseball" casts real players, coaches, and managers from the city's baseball team.

OMG!!!!!! This movie started out with hot guys, totally freakin' naked in all their glory. I'm talking....FRONT AND BACKSIDES! No this is not a porn but dang if my jaw didn't fall out its socket and hit the floor. My eyes got all watery and probably enlarged 10x too big for their size. Oh, yeah. That's the way to start off a movie. LOL! I think I fell in love. LOL!

With that out of the way, this movie was actually quite confusing and borish. Okay, well the occasional naked, muscular dude showing his "stuff" kept my attention to the movie. That is probably the only way that kept me watching. Hot, naked Chinese men in the buff...hmm, that would keep any hotblooded female attentive...ya think?

This was supposedly based on true accounts from the actual players who actually played the actor parts. Hmm? Homosexuality on the team? Hatred amongst the players? Maybe. But I couldn't really understand what they were trying to get at. What was the point? Other than making me salivate. Hmm?

So yeah, boring, not-much-of-a-lick-of-sense movie.....but you can't beat the eye candy. Yummo!!! Tasty!

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