Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kamen Rider Agito (仮面ライダーアギト 2001-2002)

Kashu Toshiki as Tsugami Shoichi / Kamen Rider Agito
Kaname Jun as Hikawa Makoto / Kamen Rider G3/G3-X
Tomoi Yusuke as Ashihara Ryo / Kamen Rider Gills
Akiyama Rina as Kazaya Mana
Fujita Toko (藤田瞳子) as Ozawa Sumiko
Yamasaki Jun (山崎潤) as Hojo Toru
Kikuchi Takanori (菊池隆則) as Kino Kaoru / Another Agito
Ogawa Atsushi (小川敦史) as Sawaki Tetsuya
Haneo Rei (羽緒レイ) as Mysterious Youth
Taguchi Shusho (田口主将) as Kono Koji
Shibata Akiyoshi (柴田明良) as Omuro Takahiro
Tanabe Tokimasa (田辺季正) as Misugi Taichi
Kotani Yoshikazu as Majima Koji
Sakuma Masako (佐久間雅子) as Sakaki Aki
Kamiki Ryunosuke as Mysterious Boy
Masu Takeshi as Misugi Yoshihiko
Hiraiwa Kami
Shimizu Koji

Kamen Rider Agito is the eleventh installment in the popular Kamen Rider tokusatsu franchise. The series repesents the 30th Anniversary of the Kamen Rider Series.

Okay, maybe this is my favorite one out of the bunch. I can't quite say for certain. I haven't seen them all but damn if Shoichi wasn't the cutest thing ever. Wait. Ryuuki was cute too. Ohhhhhh! A dilemma! I love them all so far. I'm turning into a fanatic!

The storyline of this series' KR was by far the BEST! I was quite taken by it and will admit that I was bawling like a baby at the end. I was like "Not again!". Ya know how the KR endings aren't always the best. They die, they leave, love is unrequited. Well, they had me. I was bawling because I was terribly sad and then "poof"......I was bawling from tears of sheer happiness. Those KR writers pulled a fast one on me.

Ahhh! My love of the KR. Gives me joy that I can't seem to describe. Screw Power Rangers....such a childish adaption of this awesome show. *sigh* Now I will sit back and dream of Kashu Toshiki........................*shivers from sheer happiness*

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