Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good Times, Bed Times (戀上你的床 / Luen seung ngei dik chong -2003)

Good Times, Bed Times
Ching Wan Lau - Raymond
Sammi Cheng - Carrie
Louis Koo - Inspector Paul Ko Chi Keung
Charlene Choi - Tabbie
Sandra Ng Kwan Yue - BoBo Au
Philip Chan - Superintendent
Pinky Cheung - Ah P
Sui-man Chim - Uncle Lam
Niki Chow - Girl at hair salon
Tien You Chui
Suet Lam - Judge Chow
Tats Lau
Lik-Chi Lee
Tony Leung Ka Fai
You-Nam Wong
Yuk-Man Wong

Bored judge Raymond (Ching Wan Lau) indulges himself in one-night stands and flirtations, causing his girlfriend Ah Qiu (Sammi Cheng) to leave him. Ah Qiu, a journalist, doesn't lose any time in falling in love with Keung (Louis Koo), a super-cop she is sent to interview. The only problem is that after a narrow brush with death, Keung is now unable to perform any conjugal duties. Raymond, on the other hand, meets his match in a spoiled 18-year-old (Charlene Choi).

This movie was actually quite hilarious in certain parts. Okay, the jokes about a certain male body part was off the scale. There is a part where they (Raymond and Ah Qui) try to help Keung and use weights to strengthen...well....THAT body part. LOL! It was a riot. I laughed so hard.

The story gets slow most of the time. This movie really had two stories but if they focused on Keung's story, it would have been even better. The story about Ray and the young girl was actually quite sick to me. So I rolled my eyes quite often when it came to them.

The movie was actually worthwhile. I'm not big on Chinese comedies but this has some substance to keep me intertained. Louis Koo wasn't so bad to look at either. Not the most handsome but nice enough for the story.

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