Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Gakko Ja Oshierarenai (学校じゃ教えられない!-2008)

Gakko ja Oshierarenai

Fukada Kyoko as Aida Mai
Tanihara Shosuke as Himuro Kensaku
Ito Ran as Kageyama Meiko
Naka Riisa as Yokoyama Eri
Nakamura Aoi as Mizuki Kazuki
Maeda Goki as Narita Shizuya
Asakura Aki as Kenjo Hitomi
Kato Mizuki as Suzumura Rei
Norizuki Kohei (法月康平) as Inai Shintaro
Natsume Suzu (夏目鈴) as Kameda Maho
Yanagisawa Daisuke (柳沢太介) as Nagasaki Kiyoshi
Morisaki Win (森崎ウィン) as Nishikawa Tomu
Yagyu Miyu (柳生みゆ) as Yoshizawa Kana
Miura Aoi (三浦葵) as Shingyoji Natsume
Matsumoto Hiroya (松本寛也) as Ma-kun (ep2&6)
Natsumi Elena as Meiko's daughter (ep8-10)

Fukada plays Mai Aida, a woman in her third year as an english teacher at a private all-girls high school. Due to declining enrollment, the school decides to admit its first male students. Those five freshmen initially feel they're in paradise, but the concerned Mai tries to help them adjust by creating a social dance club and inviting five girls. Those ten students become the focus of the drama, which is described as a story of love and adolescence.

I really liked this drama. I little off the beaten wagon but generally fell along the same guidelines about being an individual and trusting yourself and your friends.

I was a little disappointed in the end. I don't know why. I guess I was hoping for a more general climax to the story but it didn't accomplish that goal. Maybe I was hoping that Kazuki would end up "confessing" his love for Hitomi, who obviously loves him. Well, atleast a little something that I had been waiting for happened at the very end. *smiles*

I really loved Tanihara Shosuke's character. I new it would be good from the time his first scene aired. He was a sweet, eccentrically loveable character. His usual norm for being studious but yet his OCD was what made him so loveable at the same time.

Since this show was about young love, it wasn't surprising that most of the pairs became girlfriend/boyfriend. The backdrop of the story being that of a social dance club. This was definitely a show for young adults and pre-teens. A sweet show but yet I felt it could have been a little more in depth in character. Since it was only a 10-episode series, I feel they left too much character definition behind.

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