Thursday, October 9, 2008

Kamen Rider Ryuki (2002-2003)

Kamen Rider Ryuki
Takamasa Suga -Ryuki
Satoshi Matsuda -Dark Knight
Ayano Sugiyama -Yui

"One who does not fight will not survive."

Thirteen Advent Card decks were created for thirteen Kamen Riders. They make Contracts with monsters from the mysterious Mirror World, a dimension opposite to our own in which the Kamen Riders can only exist. The Riders draw on their monsters' strength in exchange for feeding them the life force of the creatures they destroy. The creator of the Advent Cards has only one rule: that there can be only one Kamen Rider. The others must be killed, and the sole victor will be granted a single wish. This is the Rider War.

All over the city, innocent people are being mysteriously abducted, never to be seen again. During his investigations of these incidents, Shinji Kido- an intern at the online news service ORE Journal- discovers one of the Advent Card decks at an apartment where every reflective surface has been covered by newspaper. He is soon sucked into the Mirror World, discovering the terrifying truth behind the disappearances: people are literally being pulled through mirrors by the monsters of the Mirror World so that they may feed. He is about to be killed by a powerful dragon named Dragreder when he is saved by Kamen Rider Knight- Ren Akiyama. Ren seeks to win the Rider War at all costs. He works with a young woman named Yui Kanzaki, who seeks her missing brother: the master of the Rider War, Shirō Kanzaki. Seeing Ren's strength, Shinji enters the Rider War not for the prize, but so that he may protect innocent people from the threat of the Mirror World, and stop the senseless fighting between the Kamen Riders. With Dragreder as his Contract Monster, he becomes Kamen Rider Ryuki.

He will discover that there are some people who cannot be saved. That you must sometimes fight in order to stop the fighting. The extent to which you must go if you want your deepest wish to come true, and the sacrifices that you must make. In the end, there can be only one Kamen Rider...

OMG! Another good one. After Blade, I had to get more. Hahaha! I'm addicted. Badly! ( I come!)

This series actually was low rated and almost canceled in the Japanese world. Why? Fanbase? I don't know. This one was relatively good but I think it didn't stick with the Kamen Rider theme. This was more about the inner turmoil of the Rider system and who deserves to live and die. To me it wasn't about saving the world, but about the girl named Yui.

I'm sorry. I wouldn't risk my life for this one chick. Nope. Okay, I would for Matsuda Satoshi and Suga Takamasa. Whew! Some serious hotness in this one. I'm already a fan of Matsuda Satoshi and seeing he was in this series actually made me watch it in the first place. I probably wouldn't have if he wasn't. I'm addicted to this guy. I don't know why. He's just incredibly gorgeous.

Okay, this series was also the funniest by far. Episode 29...OMG! I laughed so hard, I about peed my pants and snorted Diet Mountain Dew. Totally hilarious. Actually, the whole series was quiet funny. It had enough to keep the show fun. Suga Takamasa was great as Blade/Shinji. His quirky character...innocent and naive...just made him all the more loveable. I want more of this guy.

Suga Takamasa
Suga TakamasaSuga TakamasaSuga TakamasaSuga Takamasa

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