Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chungking Express (Chung Hing sam lam -1994)

Chungking Express Pictures, Images and Photos
Brigitte Lin ... Woman in blonde wig (as Ching-hsia Lin)
Tony Leung Chiu Wai ... Cop 663
Faye Wong ... Faye
Takeshi Kaneshiro ... He Zhiwu, Cop 223
Valerie Chow ... Air Hostess
Chen Jinquan ... Manager of 'Midnight Express'
Lee-na Kwan ... Richard (as Guan Lina)
Huang Zhiming ... Man
Liang Zhen ... The 2nd May
Zuo Songshen ... Man

The film opens on the night of 30 April to 1 May 1994 in Chungking House, a mazelike commercial complex in Hong Kong. A Chinese woman in a blond wig is busily trying to stash some heroine among the belongings of a group of Pakistanis hired to slip the drugs out of the country. May 1 also marks an entire month since police office No. 223 got dumped by his girlfriend. He swears he's going to fall in love with the first girl who walks through the door: it turns out to be the blond drug smuggler....A fast-food restaurant where Faye, a young tomboy, listens to the hit pop song "California Dreaming". Another policeman, a regular costumer, has just lost his girlfriend, who has deposited his apartment key at the restaurant. Faye intercepts the key and secretly lets herself into the cop's apartment and proceeds to upset his domestic order.

This was a slightly weird movie. Not what I expected. I only watched it because it had my man Takeshi-kun in it. And he was sooooooo cute, as he was very, very, very young in this (21 years old to be exact).

I was hoping for more of Takeshi-kun at the end but it didn't happen. This was a movie with 2 different stories. I feel that Takeshi's story wasn't finished but maybe that was supposed to be.

A very intriguing study of human nature with twists to the women in the stories. Both women, weird or strange in their own right. And each woman teaching the men in the story, a little bit more about themselves and how to survive. Somewhat thought provoking with the restaurant Chungking Express being the centerpoint and meeting place for both men. Each never having met the other but both being policemen.

I probably never would have watched this being that this movie was made in 1994 and I'm not really much for the older movies (I can't believe I'm saying the 90's are old).

Keeping with the times and degree of cinematography, this movie was a little "dark" not that I mean scary but having to deal with the harder part of the human heart.

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