Tuesday, October 21, 2008

White Panic (Fu Rai/ 怖来 -2005)

Fu Rai
Shugo Oshinari - Ken Goubara
Ayaka Maeda - Yumi Umezawa
Kazuo Yashiro - Sayoon Kim
Fumiaki Mitsuyama - Boo Motokawa

Ken, Yumi, Kim, and Maekawa are locked up in a mysterious room. Despite the fact that their memories are unclear and they do not know each other, they start searching for the reason why they are here. But what is the room with white powder that they are facing… What is the point they have in common? What happens after the powder is gone?

Okay this movie was totally freaky. Off the chart, psychotic. I can't believe I watched it all the way through. In the end, the point was made.

We discover that "natural resources" are depleting....almost nonexistent. Why the four people are left in the room and why they are connected to this one discovery of "natural resources" is soon discovered at the end.

The movie is just a little over an hour long. So you don't end up with a lot of unnecessary parts to the movie. They get to the gist of the story quick and the end will leave you totally stunned. Okay, it did me. I sort of laughed even though it wasn't really funny. It was NOT a happy ending but the way it ended was well......nuclear. LOL!

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