Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tokyo Boy (Tokyo Shonen/東京少年 -2008)

Maki Horikita
Takuya Ishida
Reiko Kusamura
Mitsuru Hirata

Minato is a young girl who was traumatized at a young age by being abandoned by her parents and left with her senile grandmother. She frequently corresponds with a pen-pal named Night, a boy about the same age as her that she's never actually seen in person. Although Minato and Night are very different - Minato is upbeat while Night is brooding, they get along anyway and she regularly updates him on the happenings in her daily life. Minato is even willing to confide in Night that she's falling in love with a boy she's recently met named Shu. One day she wakes up and finds Shu acting extremely distant and tentative around her. She suspects Night may have something to do with this....

This was a very interesting movie. I wasn't sure how this was going to play out. I've read that Horikata Maki was awesome in this. Well, I guess I was expecting more. She was a great actress in this movie but it wasn't anything exceptional. So she played a "male" and female in the movie. The "male" role was okay. I think any good actress would have came across well. So I guess I help my hopes up higher than what was expected.

I'm not saying this movie was a bomb. NO!!!! It was an excellent movie. Something interesting and a little different. I thought the story was great and flowed well to keep me interested.

A very sad tale about dissassociative disorder. Well, not too sad. The ending was sweet and endearing.

I won't give this movie a Rupert and Ebert "two thumbs up". But it was worth my time and effort to watch and is such a good movie that most fans of Maki will enjoy. B+, yes. Definitely.

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