Monday, April 28, 2008

The Art of Fighting

Again, another movie. LOL!


The Art of Fighting gives the impression (if you notice the above movie poster) that this will be a comedy. Ehhh...not really.

Jae Hee stars in this action comedy as Byung Tae, a cowardly high school kid who is scraping through life the hard way. His days are tormented by school bullies and are making his life a living hell. One day he meets Pan Su (Baek Yoon Sik, Save The Green Planet, The President's Last Bang) a wizened elder, well versed in fighting and defending one's self. Pan Su agrees to teach his art to Byung Tae and help him defend himself against his tormentors, and in doing so, Byung Tae begins to learn things about himself, and about life, that they don't teach at school.

In addition, we meet a friend of Byungtae's. He is transferred to the same school as Byungtae. They happened to be friends in elementary school and fate brings them back together. His friend comes across as more assertive and less afraid but in the end gets beat up just as much as Byungtae from the bullies.

Byungtae's friend:
Park Ki-Woong
Surprisingly enough, he fit the portrayal of Byungtae's friend to a "T"! He came across as the overly tough guy with a heart of gold. And, I've seen him before.... My Tutor Friend:Lesson 2. He has this babyface. You could just squeeze it!

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