Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Hero, The Movie

Hero Movie 2007 (Kimura)

*giggles* I'm such an idiot! Baka! I knew there was the Hero drama, the Hero Special, and the movie. But for some reason I thought the Special WAS the movie. Baka! *puts an L over forehead!* I love the Hero series so much! I wasn't all that into the Special but I'm glad the movie wrapped up the story. I was concerned there for a bit! Whew! Problem solved.

The movie takes off from where the Special ended. Kohei Kuryu (Takuya-kun) is back! My heart-a-flutters. The prosecutor who shirks suit and tie for a pair of jeans but is never casual about his pursuit for the truth, is back! Besides the original TV series cast, Korean heartthrob Lee-Byung Hung is in it and was shot partly in Busan, S. Korea. This time, he is involved in an obscure case of manslaughter that turns into the trial of the century.

Failure here means the end of his career. He must solve it!

Lee Byung Hung

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