Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Le Grand Chef

Le Grand Chef

I just saw this movie last night and was pleasantly surprised. I was looking for somethig a wee bit different and I found it. This was an excellent movie. I'll admit, I cried during the cow scene. *tears* That just about killed me to no end. In the end, you find yourself routing for Seong-chan (Kim Kang Woo).Le Grand Chef - Kim Kang Woo
The characters were great, acting wonderful, and story well written. A feel good movie for the whole family. But be forewarned there are some scenes left to your imagination dealing with animal slaughter, hence the *tears* for the cow.

The movie begins with the discovery of the long lost knife of the former Chief Royal Chef. Thereafter, a competition is held to find the best chef in the country who is worthy to inherit the legendary chef's knife. This is the main story of the movie. But the unfamiliar title has many people wondering; what is the "Chief Royal Chef?"

The Chief Royal Chef lived in the Cho-sun period. He lived outside of the palace and ran the top restaurant of the country, Woon-ahm-jung. The title belonged to the top male chef of the palace who would go in to cook the food for banquets and feasts. added the tradition that the best chef of the country shall remain a prodigy of the Chief Royal Chef, inherit the Woon-am-jung, and have the legendary knife as well.

The Chief Royal Chef appears just briefly in the original comic but is the main base for the plot in the movie as the top chefs Sung-chan and Bong-joo are matched up in their ultimate competition to carry on the tradition. Through the idea that the Chief Royal Chef had cut off his wrist himself to state that he will not cook for anyone else but the king during the Japanese occupation era and the mystery behind his death eventually being solved, the film is sure to bring enjoyment with a plot that crosses back and forth between truth and fiction. *Synopsis borrowed from ShowEast*

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