Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Great Teacher Onizuka

I loved, loved, loved, loved this show. This came out before Gokusen but this show reminded of the male teacher version.

It's about an unorthodox teacher, Onizuka Eikichi (played by Sorimachi Takashi), who was a former gang member who decided that he wanted to be a teacher more than anything else. He smokes, he drinks, he gambles, and he watches pornography (hentai). After the director of the school witnesses his true heart other than his rough exterior (never judge a book by it's cover) is hired to be a homeroom teacher to the "wild kids" in class 2-4. He loves the kids he teaches and will do anything to save them and keep them on the road to learning and on their road to life. If he has to hold them over a ledge (literally) to teach them what it's like to be bullied, he'll do it. He likes to fight and usually ends up with a cut up face and black eyes. He knows karate and is asked constantly if he is a member of a yakuza (mob ring). Every episode, no lie, will teach any kid a new value that really needs to be learned. I highly recommend this to any school age kid, (there are a few naked scenes shown on his TV screen (porno) but it's only for a few seconds). Gokusen should be seen too since it's relative to. Okay, and Sorimachi Takashi isn't bad to look at either. LOL!

Sorimachi Takashi
Takashi Sorimachitakashi sorimachitakashi sorimachitakashi sorimachitakashi sorimachitakashi sorimachitakashi sorimachitakashi sorimachi
Oh. My. God! He is in my top three. Oh hell yeah, he is! I am now one of his biggest fans. I am now on a search of all of his shows. Oh yeah, I am.

Oguri Shun
Oguri Shunshun 12Shun Oguri
Oh sheesh! This kid is PHOTOGENIC! Okay, I can't choose. I'm making a list of all the things I want to see from him too! I've seen him in Gokusen, Hana Kimi, Hana Yori Dango, and Yuuki (with my Kame). He has a drama and movie list a freakin' mile long and he's only...what...25? Oh geez.............................

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