Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Calling You (Kimi ni Shika Kikoenai)

Calling you
OH. MY. GOD! After doing an extensive search on another movie to watch, I came across this one. Okay, it took me forever and a day to find a synopsis on it so I could find out what it was about. Man, oh man, was it well worth it. This movie, OMG, rocked! Okay, I'll admit if I had read farther down on a comments section about the movie I would have found out something about it that would have made me skip it. Glad I didn't though. *spoiler* I'll admit I don't like sad endings. Well, it had one. I don't watch sad endings that make me cry forever. After watching Heaven's Tree, I've lost my nerve for sad endings. I have no more tears to shed. Well, this one was a tear jerker. Ugh! Oh, but so well worth it.

I hope I can tell the story without giving tooooooo much away. Okay. This is a story about a girl (Aihara Ryo)who is timid and is unable to communicate well with her peers. It's about a boy (Nozaki Shinya) who lost his hearing at the age of 5 and is unable to speak. Got it? Well, one day Ryo finds a toy cell phone, thinking it was cute, she takes it home with her. Shinya, even though unable to speak, loves to tinker with gadgets and fix things. He comes across a broken cell phone. While at school, Ryo starts hearing a phone ring that nobody else is able to hear. She goes to the clinic, the nurse evaluates her and let's her rest there. Again, Ryo hears the "phone". She finds her toy phone and answers it. Shinya is on the other line!! From there, they learn they have internal "cell phones" and are able to communicate through ESP. Shinya lives in the east (Nagano) and Ryo lives in the west (Yokohama, a burb of Tokyo). As they "talk" more with each other, their friendship blossoms. Aaaaaand Ryo starts to break out of her uncommunicable shell.

This was just a BEAU-TI-FUL story. The actor playing Shinya was not forgotten by me. I've seen him before in two of my favorite jdramas.....Nodame Cantabile and Gokusen 2!

Koide Keisuke
Keisuke Koide!
Isn't he cute? Hehe.

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