Friday, April 11, 2008


The made-for-TV movie.

Somebody please pass the tissues. Damn, it had to be a weeper. I guess after reading the previews on it, I should have known.

This reviews give the impression it's about the title character, Yuuki. NOT! It's about his friends who have to survive, hope, pray, and lead their lives around their friend who is dying from a disease not known with Yuuki being only the 8th case ever with this said disease. The disease that turns bone into jello and dissolves into the body...leaving nothing. Yuuki...his cranial bone is slowly melting away. His friends while living normal lives are supported and encouraged from Yuuki. Yuuki, knowing his life is slowly withering away, only thinks of helping his friends while his friends struggle with trying to help Yuuki live. And if you notice, Yuuki is my man Kamenashi Kazuya, which in all makes this movie all the better. Kawaii!

Here is the preview...sorry no English subs.

Want to see the ya go. Yuuki with English subtitles.

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