Friday, April 25, 2008

Witch Yoo-Hee

witch yoo hee

Just finished this series an hour ago. I had to post my review for Madeleine first. Hehe!

Okay. *breathe* This was like any typical Korean romance, drama, comedy. I was a little dissatisfied with the ending. It was a happy ending but I wanted just a weeeeeeeeeeee-bit more closure. It was a really good drama. Why would it not be? It had 3, yes 3, hot Korean actors in it. All 3 are very popular in their right. But Jae Hee was the lead this time.

This drama was about a very rigid woman (Ma Yoo-Hee) who really was a tough cookie on the outside but was very unconfident, shy, scared on the inside. Her family life will testify to the reasons the way she is in the drama. Our male lead (Chae Moo Ryong) is an aspiring chef who is working for his father's Chinese restaurant delivering noodles. Sometime during the course of the show, they literally collide into each (motor bike slams into expensive car). To keep from going to jail, Moo-Ryong agrees to be her housekeeper for a month to pay off damages equaling $40,000. Other than being her housekeeper, he agrees to be her personal affairs coach and counselor. Because more than anything, she wants love and a relationship most of all. And, yes, as you can guess, they eventually start to like each other.

Jae Hee
I've already saved 2 movies to watch from this guy! The Art of Fighting and 3-Iron. They sound awesome.

Dennis Oh
dennis oh
OMG! I could not find a bad pic of this guy. Every single one....*sweatin'*! This guy is American made...well, by half anyway. His father is American and his mother is Korean. In this show, he spoke fluent Korean and by his accent while speaking English was obviously American. I hear he has a Hollywood movie coming out. Not sure just don't send me hatemail if I'm wrong. 'k?

Kim Jeong Hoon
kim jeong hoon
He's such a cutie. I first saw him in the drama Goong (English: The Princess Hours). I should review this for my friends who read my blog and have no clue about this Kdrama. It's actually a favorite of many. It was definitely one of mine. A must see. Aaaaaanyway! Geez. Got off track. The poor thing is always the "other" guy and never gets the girl. On a good note: He is a singer. His voice is so pretty. Very nice. He's more of the adult contemporary type singer. The romantic.

Here he is singing the theme from Goong.

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