Monday, April 28, 2008

A Dirty Carnival

Yep, another movie.
dirty carnival

Wow! This movie didn't leave a very good impression to me. Maybe it's because it was more of a guy movie. Don't really quite know for sure.

A Dirty Carnival is the story of Byung-du (Jo In-seoung), a small-time gangster in his late 20s, for whom life is going to take a different turn. To save his family from getting evicted, Byung-du accepts to murder public attorney Park, who was standing in the way of his superior, President Hwang. Fascinated by the violent life of Byung-Du, one of his high-school friends, Min-Ho, now a movie director, decides to interview him and adapt his real-life story to improve his script, for a film about gangsters. He himself getting caught in the gangster spiderweb of deception and betrayal. Meanwhile, old flame Hyun-Joo reappears and brings with her the hope of a happier life...but does Byung-du get to have hope at all?

I have to say this wasn't one of my favorites from Jo In-seoung. He made up for it though is the last film I watched....The Classic!

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