Sunday, April 20, 2008

RH Plus

RH is the shortened term for rhesus. Rh factor, protein substance present in the red blood cells of most people, capable of inducing intense antigenic reactions. I am O+.


RH Plus is a new Japanese drama about 4 young vampires who live together as a family trying to live normal "human" lives but use their "gifts" to help solve crimes. Kiyoi, one of the 4 vampires, who actually looks about 21 years old, is actually over 100 years old. Makoto is the newest in the family. He was abandoned by his mother and most of the episodes revolve around the mystery of his life. Ageha is Makoto's best friend and confident. Ageha is also not a vampire by "normal" means but is under a blood contract with Kiyoi, who saved him from the streets. Then we have Masakazu, the comedian primarily in the show. Always going on goukons (An organizer, either an individual or organization, invites several single men and women to get together in a social setting, such as a pub or restaurant. There they mingle. If two in the group happen to hit it off, they follow up with phone calls, dates — and perhaps eventually marriage.), he tries to compete with a fellow aged vampire for the most phone numbers from girls and competes for the title of being the best in gokons. Through out the entire episodes, the primary focus is family. What constitutes a family? It comes across as funny but yet serious and has a well thought out idea of dealing with family issues and brotherly love. Definitely a cute show and teenage girls will like this.

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