Thursday, April 17, 2008

Nemureru Mori (A Sleeping Forest)

A Sleeping Forest

It's review time. And do I have a HOT, HOT, HOT one. Whew! I have already mentioned that Kimura Takuya is the all-time high hottest Japanese actor. Move over Ken Watanabe! Pshh! Puuuuhlease! Takuya-kun blew me away again with this thriller, suspenseful, loving drama. My heart beats wildly!

The movie starts out with questions of why Sleeping Beauty, after having slept for so long willingly, after being kissed, decides to stay by the Prince's side forever. She was asleep. How does she know what he went through to get to her? Does she even know if he's a good prince or bad prince? Ya know? Anyway, the story starts with a murder. A father, mother, and daughter are brutally stabbed to death. Another daughter, unharmed physically, witnesses the murder and is sent to live with her uncle. Before living with him, she is sent to a psychotherapist who hypnotizes her and puts her memories to "sleep". The son of the psychotherapist, Naoki (Takuya-kun), falls in love with her. As a young boy, he secretly writes her letters and promises her after 15 years to meet in the "Sleeping Forest". The girl, now a woman, named Minako, finds the letters and decides to go and meet the boy who had written her letters. Remember, her memories of the murder and before are "sleeping". Anyway, Minako thinks Naoki is weird at first because he confesses that he has been following her and keeping up with her life the whole entire time. I don't want to give out any more details but this......the murderer is set free and is looking for revenge. Can Naoki save her? This drama has wonderful twists and turns. So many things happen that you would never expect...........

You can never go wrong with a Kimura Takuya movie. NEVER! *sigh*
takuya kimura
This pic is roughly 10 years ago.....*sigh*hard to believe he is my age.

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