Tuesday, April 22, 2008



Ohhhh. Myyyy. Gooood! This movie was wayyyyyyy better than what I expected. Holy crap.

Roughly the movie is about a man who was abandoned as a child when he was a new born. Why? His father, a feudal lord, promised 48 body parts to demons of his unborn child for absolute power. Once born, to save the son who was born with missing said body parts, the mother bundles him up and like Moses puts him in a basket and sends him down the river. An old miser/warlock/magician finds him, uses his "magic" and saves the deformed infant with dead children's body parts. Yeah, kinda gross. Anyway, as the story goes on, the now man named Hyakki-maru finds out to get his original body parts back, he must kill the demons who stole them from him that were so easily given away by his father, Kagemitsu Daigo. This is pretty much where the story begins. On his way, he ends up being shadowed by a thief named Dororo (who actually got it from Hyakki-maru). This story really isn't about the thief at all. Dororo, expained by the movie means "human monster" or something like that. This movie is full of samurai action. There are a few comedic moments between Hyakki-maru and Dororo.

Now to the best part....Hyakki-maru is played by Tsumabuki Satoshi!
tsumabuki satoshi as kei

And then there was Eita!!! I just got done previewing him in Suppli. Anyway, his plays Hyakki-maru's friend-then-enemy-then-brother, Tahou-maru. I was pleasantly surprised to see him.

It was just amazing to see them in an action film, let alone big budget by Japanese standards. Woo-hoo! Witness the trailer below. No English subs, sorry.

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