Saturday, August 2, 2008

Arang (아랑 -2006)

So-yeong Chu
Won-jung Jeong
Ju-hwan Im
Ok-bin Kim
Dong-Wook Lee - Hyun-ki
Jong-su Lee - Dong-min
Yun-ah Song - So-young
Hae-in Kim
Yoon-seo Chae
Sang-ok Joo

Immediately after coming off a suspension, Detective So-yung (Yoon-ah Song — Face) is thrust into one doozy of a case. Seems the victim died from acid. An acid released from inside his body. And this isn't the type of acid those crazy kids are fond of — the only trip these cats are taking is to the morgue.

To make matters worse, there are a couple more men dying off the same way. There appears to be a serial killer on the loose, and the last thing the victims are seeing is a long-haired woman in black (with some freaky blood-shot eyes).

Throw in a new partner and some crazy dreams and So-young has her work cut out for her.

This was totally different than what I expected. I'm happy to say it wasn't as scary as I was lead to believe. I am not a HORROR fan. But I had to watch this only because It had Lee Dong Wook. Such a cutie pie.

This started out as a typical crime drama. We are lead to many crime scenes. Lots of CSI and he said/she said. And on any typical thriller, we have a possible ghost who has a vendetta for revenge.

I will say I was a little intrigued as the story went about it's business. I was shocked though at the end. I really didn't expect it. And like a fool, the hints were all over in the movie but I chose to ignore them. I'm sure many who read this and watch it will be like..."I can't believe she didn't catch that!" Yeah, I was harboring hopes of all kinds in this movie.

LOL! And they, the makers of this film, left an opening for another movie but I don't think it'll happen. This movie, really, was just OK. It wasn't a great film only because it was TYPICAL. There wasn't any finess. No originality. This could have been made by anybody, anywhere.

I won't say it was bad. Something to watch if you are bored. Just not an extravagant movie that'll blow your mind away. A movie probably better rented than seen at the theaters.

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