Thursday, August 14, 2008

Can't Live Without Robbery (도둑맞곤 못살아 / Dodookmatgo motsala -2002)

AKA: Steal It If You Can
Can't Live Without Robbery
Sang-Myeon Park - Kang Sang-tae
Ji-seob So - Choi, Kang-jo
Seon-mi Song - Hwang Ma-ri
In-mun Kim - Father-in-law
Chang-suk Kim - Mother-in-law
Mu-hyeon Lee
Kwang-jung Park
Byeong-chun Kim

Gang-jo, a charismatic game programmer becomes weary about his successful life, and transforms into a thief equipped with hi-tech devices. One day, he sneaks into Sang-tae¡¯s home and Sang-tae, a happily married man who considers watching TV together with his family his biggest happiness finds out three 10,000 won bills, a TV remote and pig-ear sushi rolls disappears. Few days later, Gang-jo visits Sang-tae¡¯s house once more and Sang-tae¡¯s family become trembling in fear. Sang-tae, eager to protect his family, does anything possible to calm their fears, but in spite of his efforts, he loses his faces and dignity in front of his family when he lets the thief slip right under his nose. Sang-tae now becomes desperate as the confidence as a father and husband is about to collapse, but he has some surprises hidden under his sleeve.

This movie was so cute! I really didn't get into until the end but the end was the best part of the movie other than So Ji Seob (Sup).

It started out really well. The cuteness factor set in. Then it got kind of dull. I sort of wanted to smack Sang-tae's kids. Their rudeness and obvious disparity towards their father was evident but it really was far beyond respect.

The dull factor came when Kang-jo kept breaking into the house to eat Sang-tae's wife's food that was obviously gross. I didn't really care for was sort of like a courtship between Kang-jo and Sang-tae's wife. Something that wasn't really necessary...but then.......

Kang-jo stole Sang-tae's diary and from that point on.....the movie was back together again and the fun began. Let's just say I '"ahh"ed when Kang-jo sent neckties to Sang-tae! From that point on, you knew they had some sort of twisted friendship.

It was fun! Gotta watch. Hang in there past a few dull parts because it does come together in the end.

So Ji Seob

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