Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Waiting in the Dark (Kurai tokoro de machiawase / 暗いところで待ち合わせ -2006)

Waiting in the Dark
Rena Tanaka - Michiru Honma
Bo-lin Chen - Akihiro Oishi
Haruka Igawa - Harumi Mishima
Koichi Sato - Toshio Matsunaga
Mao Miyaji - Kazue Futaba
Shiro Sano
Fumina Hara
Ittoku Kishibe - Michiru's Father

Michiru has recently lost her eyesight. To make matters worse, her father dies shortly afterwards. She is now all alone and spends most of her day isolated in her home.

Akihiro is a Chinese-Japanese immigrant, that has had to deal with racism all throughout his life. He is now tormented at work by one of his older co-workers named Toshio.

One day at a train station in front of Michiru’s house, Toshio is thrown into the path of an oncoming train. The only person seen at the train stop was Akihiro. Akihiro frantically flees from the scene and manages to enter Michiru’s house without her knowledge. After a few days, Michiru starts to sense the presence of another person in her home. -- Lunapark6

I'm so glad I watched this movie. Okay, it's waaaaaaay slow but the story is so sweet that it was actually nice.

Okay, I admit that I was surprised to see Wilson (Bo-lin) Chen in this movie since it's a Japanese movie. He actually spoke the language well for the time given. Lucky him though since most of his acting was sitting in a corner not speaking at all.

I have to admit I would think that it would be scary to have someone in my home watching me if I was blind. But lucky her, he's cute and he's not malicious at all...but helpful to her. A little twist comes into the story and a relief it was for me. I had prepared myself for the worst but was surprised and elated at the end.

As I got to know the characters, I melted and yearned for their happiness. Not just as a couple but as they grew out of their shells. Even though they were different people, different backgrounds, they both shared a common bond....a personal prison that kept them from showing their true natures and their will to communicate without chains that held them to theirselves.

Really a good movie. I know most wouldn't like the movie because of how slow it moved but I thought it refreshing and meaningful to their characters.

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