Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gal Circle (ギャルサー -2006)

Gal Circle
Fujiki Naohito as Kitajima Shinnosuke
Toda Erika as Saki
Suzuki Emi as Remi
Aragaki Yui as Nagisa
Iwasa Mayuko as Rika
Yaguchi Mari as Yurika
Satsukawa Aimi as Shizuka
Natsuko as Sumire
Furuta Arata as Geronimo
Yamauchi Nana as Momo
Namase Katsuhisa
Nukumizu Youichi
Oshima Satoko
Kamiwaki Yu as Yayoi
Miura Rieko as Akiko
Sato Ryuta
Kawamura Yosuke
Watanabe Tetsu (guest)
Kato Yoshika
Akita Makoto
Kishi Hiroyuki
Takase Yukina as Youko
Kobayashi Kinako (ep9)

Kitajima Shinnosuke, a cowboy from the USA who goes to Shibuya to find a group of girls to dance Para-Para. Along the way, he becomes a new type of hero, helping to solve problems that afflict Shibuya-Gals

It started out really funny. I loved seeing Naohito-kun in cowboy gear. I, living in the bible belt of cowboys, really appreciated this even though his character was totally way off and over blown. But that is okay. Just the thought of him in chaps was a glorious sight indeed. Oh, my only thing that really bothered me.....that patch of hair on his chin......had to go. I couldn't stop looking at the little thing. It draws focus away from his handsome face.

From the first few episodes it was really funny but then it started getting boring since the episodes were repetitive in nature. The last episode saved the show. Why did I finish watching this? F-U-J-I-K-I N-A-O-H-I-T-O!! He brings me glorious dreams........

Sad but as I was doing a photo search, I came across a sad read. HE'S MARRIED! Aaaaagh! Okay, I am too, but damn that ruined it for me! I actually felt my emotional, happy balloon deflate. *sigh*

Anyway, this was a pretty good show but senseless through some episodes. They did have morals at the end of each episode but I won't go through them. Too many. This was a good time waster if you are bored. But I definitely got full on the "eye candy".

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Anonymous said...

galcir is one on my all time fave doramas! Love mayuko iwase in it.